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The Louvin Brothers - I Dont Believe Youve Met My Baby - аккорды и текст, видео

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The Louvin Brothers - I Dont Believe Youve Met My Baby - аккорды и текст, видео

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I Dont Believe Youve Met My Baby
The Louvin Brothers
I Don't Believe You've Met My Baby - The Louvin Brothers

Composer: Autry Inman 

Original Label: Capitol

Original key: D

Reached #1 in the US country chart in 1956. 

Note: Solo guitar fingerpicks using following chord shapes

 D.       A7.      G.      Ab.     F#.    
557775  577655   355433  466544   244322

Mandolin intro tabbed for guitar:
            A.              A7.              D.      A7.     D. 
B|-3-3-2-3 |------------------------2---0-2-|3-3---0---------3--|
D|---------|--------------------------------|------- --4---0-0--|

Intro (Mandolin solo):

 A A7 D A7 D

D                               A7
Last night my dear the rain was falling,
A7        G              A7
I went to bed so sad and blue. 
A7                    D A7 D
Then I had a dream of you
D                                A7
I dreamed I was strolling in the evening,
A7   G                 A7
Underneath the harvest moon.
A7                   D A7 D
I was thinking about you
D                          A7
And then you met me in the moonlight
A7             G               A7
The stars were shining in your eyes
A7                    D A7 D
But another was there too


A7  D  A7  Ab  G  F#    G  A A    A7     D A7  D 
GUITAR  see note............ MANDOLIN repeat intro

D                             A7
"I don't believe you've met my baby"
A7            G                 A7
You looked at him, you looked at me.  
A7                              D A7 D
I wondered who you were talking to.
D                        A7
I shook the hand of your stranger,
A7        G            A7
But I was shaking more inside.
A7                    D A7 D
I was still wondering who

D                           A7
Your arm was resting on his shoulder
A7            G                A7
You smiled at him he smiled at you
A7                              D A7 D
His eyes were filled with victory
D                          A7
He said my sister wants to marry
A7      G                     A7
Then my heart was filled with ease
A7                           D A7 D
I knew that you would marry me
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