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The High Kings - Step It Out Mary - аккорды и текст, видео

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The High Kings - Step It Out Mary - аккорды и текст, видео

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Step It Out Mary
The High Kings
(Dm)In the village of [C]Kilgory, there's a maiden young and [C]fair
Her [Dm]eyes they shone like [C]diamonds, she had long and [Am]golden [dm]hair
Then a countryman came riding, up to her father's gates
Mounted on a milk-white stallion, he came at the stroke of eight

Step it out, Mary, my fine daughter
Step it out, Mary, if you can
Step it out, Mary, my fine daughter
Show your legs to the wealthy man

I have come to wed your daughter, Mary of the golden hair
I have gold and I have silver I have land beyond compare

I will buy her silks and satin and a gold ring from her hand
I will buy for her a mansion, she'll have servants to command


Kind sir I love a soldier, I have pledged to him my hand
I don't want your gold or silver, I don't want you house or land

Mary's father spoke up sharply, You will do as you are told
You will marry him on Sunday and you'll wear his ring of gold


Near the village of Kilgory there's a deep stream running by
They found Mary there at midnight, she had drowned with her soldier boy

In the village there is music, you can hear her father say
Step it out Mary, my fine daughter, Sunday is your wedding day.

Chorus twice.
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