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The Handsome Family - Up Falling Rock Hill - аккорды и текст, видео

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The Handsome Family - Up Falling Rock Hill - аккорды и текст, видео

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Up Falling Rock Hill
The Handsome Family
Artist:The Handsome Family
Song:Up falling Rock Hill
Album:In the Air
Tabbed by:The JK5000


A                               D                 A
Up Falling Rock Hill where the leaves swoop like bats

A                              D            A
I shot my brother William five times in the back

A                              D           A
"Have mercy, have mercy, dear brother" he cried

A                             D            A
But the wind had no mercy and neither did I

E                            D           A
I watched as his blood ran through dead grass

E                                   D            A
I watched as the black ants crawled through his hands

A                        D            A
Up falling Rock Hill the wind softly moaned

A                          D            A
And down, down came I with blood on my clothes

E                            D            A
Cicadas were hissing and the whippoorwill called

A                                 D           A
But the earth didn't open and the sky didn't fall



A                            D            A
Round falling rock hill, the wind softly moans

A                                    D             A
And black ants they crawl 'cross my dear brothers bones

E               D          A
Wine red roses tangle the grass

A                                D           A
Where William, sweet William his blood once ran

A                         D               A
Through the dead leaves I walked on till one

A                          D               A
And wherever I stepped the black creatures run

E                            D             A
Cicadas were hissing and the whippoorwill calls

A                                   D          A
But the earth doesn't open and the sky doesn't fall

A                              D            A
The earth doesn't open and the sky doesn't fall.


"Do your best, forget the rest"
Добавлено: 20.10.2015
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