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The Good Life - Twenty Two - аккорды и текст, видео

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The Good Life - Twenty Two - аккорды и текст, видео

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Twenty Two
The Good Life
G        Bm  Em                             Bm
"bon voyage" was something that i once said
         Bb           G
and eventually regretted.
                     Bm                      Em
well, it's come up again...and i wonder if
      Bm                 Bb
the same mistakes i used to make
could be remade.
cause "i've been through this before" well i've said that too.
there's just so much that we can fake
                                        Bm  Bb
before we break ourselves into-two.

G        Bm Em                             Bm
twenty two. the years can hardly catch up
             Bb                     G
with the years of playing catch up.
                   C               Em
must there always be a catch?
              Bm               Bb
what we really want is just ahead,
just over that hill.
and the more i learn, the less i try to climb.
the more we change, the more we wish
we stayed the same the more we try to fake ourselves into beliefs:
"the grass must be green somewhere!"

G C Em Bm Bb
G C Em Bm Bb Am

          Em C                                Bm
twenty two-the years can hardly catch up,
       Bb                     Am
the years are playing catch up.
                  Em              C
must there always be a catch?
Bm Bb Am
Добавлено: 02.04.2012
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