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The Front Bottoms - Carry Me Down The Street - аккорды и текст, видео

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The Front Bottoms - Carry Me Down The Street - аккорды и текст, видео

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Carry Me Down The Street
The Front Bottoms
Tabbed by Vin1997
Artist: The Front Bottoms 
Track: Carry Me Down the Street 
Album: You're My Boyfriend Now 
Track 03
Tuning: Standard
4/4 Time
*The Front Bottoms' Brian Sella plays power chords, but you could use open chords for a
fuller sound. 

     D                         F 
it's late at night and she's walking
             C                     G
cause her friends didn't wanna leave

   D                          F
my cell phone rings and she's talking

         C                   G
jesus christ this is all i need

              D            F 
don't worry baby i'm coming

         C                 G            
to carry you down the street
               D               F
and i will try to get there soon

               C                  G
before the alcohol finds your knees

      F         C      G           
and i just hung up the phone 

      F          C         G
and i think that i'm alright 

              F      C     G                F    C  D
cause i am in such a better mood than i was earlier tonight

        F            C
yeah tonight yeah tonight 

        G            D
yeah tonight yeah tonight

        F     C   G
yeah tonight 

         D                      F
and he knows he's making money the dirty way 

             C                           G 
but he could not care less cause he's got bills to pay

and his friends are coming later

they don't plan to stay

       C                                 G
and he already cleared his history three times today

           D                                   F
he doesn't like the cut scenes and the way it fades

                        C                         G
but she could not care less because her bills are being paid

           D                                F 
and she'll go to church and pray to god one day

but is she getting into heaven

there is no fucking way

F         C      G             F        C       G 
just hung up the phone and she could go back to sleep
           F      C            G  
but she is pretty sure at this point in his life

    F       C
her love is all she needs

C    F   G 

well i just hung up the phone 

       F               G 
and i could go back to sleep

but i am gonna walk around this town 
        F                G 
until i find you on the street

and i will pick you up in my arms 

           F                  G
and i will carry you to your house

and i will put you in your bed 

           F                        G                 C~~~~~                
and by tomorrow morning you won't remember a thing i said
Добавлено: 26.10.2015
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