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The Films - Bodybag - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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The Films - Bodybag - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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The Films
the song is in three-quarter time. this might help you getting the rhythm...

One, two, three...

G Em C D (2x)


      G       Em      C            D
Well, how did you expect it would be?

           G             Em                   C             D
Well, you signed up for a car crash when you signed up with me

         G            G7          C        D
And you can't swim to safety on a sinking ship

   G       Em             C        G
So go home baby if you're ready to quit

G (hold)

verse 2 (same chords):
Well, take your hand away from your face
There are dozens of reasons why I shouldn't stay
Now you've readied all your ammo
In the back of your mouth
So come on, let me have it
It has to come out

    C                    C7     D
Oh shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot…

        G        D         Em    C
Well, I can't rely on your alibi

           G         D         Em       C
‘cause my heart came back in a body bag

G Em C D (2x)

Verse 3:
Well, dream we woke up side by side in a bed
And our bodies were both lifeless; the sheets spattered red
There were holes in our chests;
Looked like bombs had gone off
Well, our hearts has escaped
But our bodies were lost

Well, shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot…
Well, we can't rely on an alibi
‘cause ours hearts came back
In a body bag

Oh, ooh…
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