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The Felice Brothers - Hey Hey Revolver - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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The Felice Brothers - Hey Hey Revolver - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Hey Hey Revolver
The Felice Brothers
This is "Hey Hey Revolver" by the Felice Brothers
As tabbed by, feel free to email questions, corrections, or tab requests

For the little riff thing, just strum semi-specifically at the A, D, G strings in the
G chord and the D, G, B strings of the C. Hitting the strings surrounding each
“main” note is okay, and results in the fullish sound heard on the record.
Here's a tab of it, sort of




For the rest of the fingering, it's mostly just playing around. There's never any fancy 
deviating from the chords

G (barre) C (barre)
Am Em

C           G
I put this shovel down
Am          Em
Hire me on better ground
I can't afford no gas
I walk to work on the overpass

My teenage daughter's knocked up
Oh, Janey, this time, you really fucked up
You ought to be in the hospital,
But I can't afford to go the bill

Am             Em
Hey hey, revolver
G      F       C
Don't lead me on
Am         Em        G         F     (C)
Your shiny barrel's long and narrow
Am            Em
Hey hey, revolver

I put this shovel down,
I walk the line into Hudson town
The blue Burger King billboard signs
Remind me of her mother's eyes

She ran off to be a movie star
I hope she found what she was looking for
I promised Janey we'd see L.A.
If I ever made some cash some day

G a few times
End on C

The thunder effect proved impossible to tab
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