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The Elected - Desiree - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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The Elected - Desiree - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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The Elected
Another classic song from the elected. Ok i typed this up on word and then copied and
it onto UG. So hopefully the format is still the same, otherwise you're going to get the
to the song, but not above the words they are hit on. This one Goes out to my main man 

The Elected
"Sun, Sun, Sun"

           B       F#              E
Well, this is not a good sign

Ab                                      F#                               E
you don't know when, but you're running out of time

                       B                F#                   E
and then the life that you had and your heart

       Ab                  F#                    E
well, it passed on before you fell apart

E                                      F#
don't you know you're a good girl?

won't you please act that way?

E            F#            B
oh, be a good girl, Desiree

                 B                 F#                 E
well, she grew up just south of Eau Claire

Ab                   F#          E
dreaming of a dirt road anywhere

              B                          F#                               E
and the boys, they would drive her right into the night

                           Ab                              F#                 E
and through the darkness she could at least see city lights

                      E                   F#
and if you're going to go a mile

may as well go all the way

E                          F#           E
oh, and you were moving, Desiree

E         F#           E
so, get moving desiree

E                                          F#
and you thought you'd live forever

but you're not so sure today

E                                    F#                    B
so you dropped to your knees and you prayed

E                                          F#
and you thought you'd lived forever

but if your heart should stop today

       E                               F#              B
god knows you were a good girl anyway

E           F#           B
so, be a good girl Desiree

E                     F#           B
oh,  you're a good girl,  Desiree
Добавлено: 24.03.2012
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