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The Donkeys - Bye Bye Baby - аккорды и текст, видео

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The Donkeys - Bye Bye Baby - аккорды и текст, видео

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Bye Bye Baby
The Donkeys
This is just the basic chord progression of the song. 

The notes are listed once but are meant to be strummed continuously. 
If you play along with the song you will catch the rhythm. 

I normally just strum down and on the way up pick the E string or B string alternatively.

Also Im not sure what the C* chords real name is. 
If someone posts it in the comments ill change it to the proper name.

G: (320010)
C: (X32010)
D: (XX0232)



(Verse 1)

G              G
Crazy          I drove her crazy

C                C*     G 
But that was all in the past

G                        G
Now she hates me         She dont want me around

C               C*         G  
Everything just left me so fast

C                  C*         G
Now crazy the only thing that last


Love aint nothing but a human disease

Baby get around me its hard to sneeze

C          C* (C)      G 
Ew I got a bad case of she

I got a pain in the gut 

Eww doc what do I got

C                      C*     (C)   G
Can I get a little bit more of this please

(slide guitar lick)


(Verse 2)

G                  G
Oh Im shaking      Yes Im shaking

C                C*    G    
I need something to relieve

G                  G
Oh the quaking     In my hands and feet

C                C*          G
I need something please dont tease

C                 C*     G
Cant you see that I'm in misery

(Chorus) X1

(Slide guitar riff)

G          C  C* G        C  C* G          G

(Verse 3)

G               G
Oh Im movin     Yes Im movin

C            C*                G 
Moving to a different state of mind

G               G
Oh my baby      She left me behind

C           C*       G
Oh I wish I would go blind

C                         C*     (C)       G
Then Id never know how my bye bye babys so fine

(Chorus) X2
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