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The Classic Crime - Albatross (album) - аккорды и текст, видео

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The Classic Crime - Albatross (album) - аккорды и текст, видео

Просмотров: 311
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Albatross (album)
The Classic Crime
Albatross By The Classic Crime

(Album Sheet Music)

Track list:
1. The Fight
2. Flight of Kings
3. Who Needs Air
4. Blisters and Coffee
5. The Coldest Heart
6. All the Memories
7. Say the Word
8. I Know the Feeling
9. Warrior Poet (The Poet)
10. Bitter Uprising
11. We All Look Elsewhere
12. Headlights

The Fight
Tuning: Drop Db (Db Ab Db Gb Bb Eb)
Intro: F#m F#m D E x2
Verse 1:
F#m                                              Bm                  A
Would you go to war for me, baby Would you cry for the weak  And die for the peace of men 
F#m                                                          Bm                 A
Oh how can we know You and I both know So let's make this boatload of excuses burn and sing 

F#m             D                         F#m               D
One day it all comes down to this  You can sink or swim  You can handle this 
F#m             D             A
One day it all comes down  One day we all go down 

I'll take my heart back And set the people free 
D                       E
I'll leave the dead to die And take what's coming with me 

Interlude: F#m
Verse 2:
Step back for all the world to see  Your life means all the world to me 
               Bm                               A
I'll take your pain and suffering  I'm such a sucker sometimes 
F#m                                                             Bm                      A)
Sometimes we don't know  So plug up those bullet holes Oh you feel so close, don't let go until 
I say 

F#m                                   D                                 
One day we'll drink to this and say Remember when we died we went out in flames 
F#m                                  D                         A
One day we'll drink to this and say Remember when we died we went out 

Chorus 2:
F#m                                             D                          (Goes into solo)
I'll take my heart back  And set the people free  There will be blood in the streets

Rhythm during the solo:
F#m F#m  D E x2

(Chorus x2)
End on F#m

Flight of Kings
Tuning: Eb Tuning
Intro: Em- D-C-Bm-Am-Bm-C-D- x2
Verse 1:
Em      D               Bm      G
Twenty two years have passed by  As I contemplate
Em              D               Bm      G
I can recall you getting me out of every scrape
Em              D       Bm      G       EmD            Bm      G       
What comes first to my mind Was the change that I so desperately needed to make
Em        G/F#  Am              C
Day and night, frozen silent in blinding violent fear
Em              G/F#        Am          C
A song for my fight Comes spilling the words I so desperately needed to hear
C       Am        Em G
Do you know this song's for you?
C        Am       Em      G             (Intro)
 My heart goes out to hurt you feel inside
Verse 2: same chords as verse 1
What hurts more than just dying Is living barely alive
After all it's easier than falling short every time
I felt the pain and set fire To the grace that I so desperately needed to take
(Pre-Chours) (Chorus x2)
Em                                G/F#
I was brought up through the ashes Like a phoenix birthing wings
Am                              C
And I will fight for my disasters I will take the flight of kings
Em                              G/F#
And if your life is ever torched Or if you know the pain I sing
(Music Cuts off)
Then will you sing with me this chorus
And we will cut through people's hearts and free them 
(a C Chord plays here and you go straight into the chorus)
(Chorus x2)

Who Needs Air
Tuning: Half-step down (Eb-Ab-Db-Gb-Bb-Eb)
Intro: D G
I long to taste adventure like the nature of the sea,
Always moving, always hiding all the creatures from beneath.
Singing silent songs of sadness my heart waits for its chance,
To dance upon the ashes of my burned up little plans.
        D                              G                      D                                  G
And I stand alone before the night. My nakedness is so clear in the glow of the moonlight.
         Bm           G          Bm           G
Life is old, but so short. We are young, we want more.
D                 G                                      Bm
I'm drowning, but I don't care, Because when you got what I got, what I got, what I got
           G                    D
Who needs air? I don't need air.
(D G)
Verse 2:
                 D                                                G
My addiction to danger like the rush of the sea, Like a wave on the rocks the lessons crash down on me.
          D                                                           G
I don't need to prove the world to you only to myself. So step back and look away as I 
dive into the swell.
Em                         F#m                 G                                   A
Take me down to the river like a little child, Take my hand and tell me it's okay to be wild.
Em                             F#m                              G                             A                    A
I never knew the world until I saw through your eyes, I never knew myself until I ripped off my 
(Broken down Chorus)
I'm drowning (I have come to the realization that)
but I don't care (life is more than what I have accomplished and)
Because when you got what I got what I got (life is more than the realization that) 
Who needs air? (we have accomplished nothing at all)
You don't need air...

Blisters and Coffee
Tuning: Drop C# (C#-Ab-Db-Gb-Bb-Eb)
(Bass Lead)
Verse pt. I (palm muted)
Verse pt. II
Pm  ..    ..             ..    ..
(Repeat Verse pt. I & II)
(Repeat Chorus)
During Solo: play the same thing as the verse 

Repeat Chorus
End with

The Coldest Heart
Tuning: Half-step down
Verse 1:
C#m                           G#m       A                             E         B
A couple of years and I'm a silhouette My halo is broken now and I'm all that's left 
C#m                                     G#m          A                

I hate to disappoint but it's the way things went  I was bound to the things I did  
E           B
And after what was said  
F#m             A                       C#m          B
Tie up these loose ends  These voices are calling me out 
F#m             A                       C#m                 B
I've got the solution  You can feed me to something  That is leaving this doubt 

F#m     A        C#m                      A
Whoa, I'm losing hope There's a hole in my heart  That's been cut out of stone 
F#m     A               C#m                     A                       F#m             A
Whoa, cold comes cold goes Could you fill this hole?  Cause I can't do it alone 

Interlude: C#m C#m C#m C#m
C#m                               G#m           A           E                   B
A couple of tears and I'm a broken mess The sadness has taken me far too deep in regret 
C#m                             G#m             A               
So sing me a song about something good  My heart's on the thrashing floor 
        E               B
And I've done every single thing I could 
F#m             A               C#m                B
I use to believe in  Some kind of feelin'  That could change everything I thought I knew 
F#m             A               C#m                     B
But that door is closed and My heart feels like it's frozen If you hear me I can feel you 


C#m             B                   F#m
The coldest heart can be brought to life 
When it's thrown into the fire of goodbyes      x4

(Chorus 2x) 
(C#m B F#m A)
I've got the coldest heart (4x) 

All the Memories
Tuning: Standard
Intro: D D Bm Bm G G
Verse 1:
D                                   G
I Can't stop killing songs you like, 
D                                   G
You look at me with eyes that could beat the sunrise in a contest, no question 
Bm                              G                       Bm                                      Gm 
We'll talk to all the others and bring me back to Earth, I'm thankful for your mother for what 
I'ts worth 
D                                               Bm
All the memories we had, framed in our minds like photographs, Take a Second take a second to 
make this last
(Bm)                              G                               G
Here where the future is the past, I can never fall in love again, I can never fall in love again 
Interlude: D 
Verse 2: Same Chords as verse 1 
I can' t stop moving cause I feel dead, 
give me a second and I'll turn it into a year you won't forget
We'll make them read our stories, we'll make them eat their words, 
we'll make their lives seem boring for what its worth
Bm              C#        Bb  Bm        C#           Bb
I'll Drink your poison and say, I'm still not going away, 
Bm                      C#          Bb          Bm                      G
I'll swallow all youre bombs and grenades, and love you like a tsunami wave 
Bb         G   Bb  C D (straight into the chorus)
Wave, wave    Wave      
D                                       Bm
Oh, all the memories, framed in our minds, take a second take a second
                                        G                       G
And make this last, here for a while I can never fall in love again, I can never fall in love 
again x2

Again~ (End)

Say the Word
Tuning: Drop C#
Intro: Bb C Dm Am
Verse 1:
Gm      Dm                 Bb           C                       
I had months to write a song That captured who you are
Gm      Dm              Bb                      C
But I fear I have done you wrong Because I've failed you so far
Gm              Dm      Bb                      C                       Gm
The chord that struck, an angel fell The sky went dark and it all comes down
             Dm                 Bb      C
The choices made, the lies forgotten Oh, well

Pre-chorus: The lead is just here
This is the way that I know This is the way that I know
I would give everything for some hope

Bb              C               Dm      Gm
Are you different, could I be different too?
Bb              C               Dm         Gm
Nobody knows you, nobody knows you like I do

Verse 2:
Gm         Dm                   Bb        C
There's a song outside my window And it plays to your tune
Gm              Dm            Bb                C
And there's a life inside this pencil And it lives for what is true
Gm         Dm              Bb           C 
Cause I am lost for words, the cost for her Was way to much to bear
Gm    Dm    Bb  C                 (Pre-chorus) (Chorus x2)
You're not perfect, but I don't care
Bridge: just a lead and bass
(Bb Am Gm C)
    (Say the word) 
Bb        C                     Dm      Gm      
Are you different, could I be different too?
Bb      C                            Dm        Gm
Nobody knows you, nobody knows you like I do
(Intro for who knows how long) 
Yeah, woah
(Chorus x2) 
(Then end)

I Know the Feeling
Tuning: Half-step Down
Verse 1:
Cm                                          Bb                                 
I know it cuts you inside every time that you try
To take a pathway in life that leaves you so unobliged Every promise is lies, every smile makes 
you cry
Fm                      Ab
Leaves you so unalive, so unalive
Cm                                              Bb
I wish I could take the fall Maybe by that I could solve
The problems we're all having It's been a while since you've felt like you've been home
Fm              Eb
Your life's just flesh and bone
Cm                                        Bb
Your heart is worth more than you know
The one thing that hurts more than your life
Is to wake up one more time alone
It's to wake up one more time alive
Eb              Ab                 Gm                          Cm              Bb
So take us in, we'll stop you dead We'll show you something you won't ever forget
Eb              Ab                  Gm                  Cm                      Bb            Eb
This life's a road, no place is home My heart's a hole That needs to constantly be filled with 
Verse 2:
This time it's all that I've got
Words hit the page like gunshots
Ab                           Fm         Bb              
My stomach's left in a knot My pride is left here to rot
It's been a while since I've felt this restless
By definition it's depressing but I'm alright
Ab                                 Fm                               Ab                              
It kills to wake up one more time alone It kills to wake up one more time alive
Eb                    Cm                      Bb                                      Eb
I know the feeling of being all alone So let's drink to fact that we're not
Eb                    Cm                      Bb                                      Eb
I know the feeling of being all alone So let's drink to fact that we're not

Warrior Poet
Tuning: Drop C# (C#-Ab-Db-Gb-Bb-Eb)
Intro: (Lead and then) Am F Dm F
Verse 1:
Am                  F           G
It couldn't be more far from the truth
Dm              Am      F            G          Dm
If you could do to me the things you would do
                Am                             F
And I know you're on to me I'm watching you wanting me
                   G                         Dm         (Lead)
You hung down the rebels and punish them wrongfully You came with fire and weapons to kill
Am           F          Dm             F                   
A warrior poet once said You're not dead yet 
Am  F                Dm    F
so live like you could be
Am           F          Dm      F               Am      F
A warrior poet said Have no regrets when you're old
Dm         Am                   (Lead)          
Have no regrets when you're old

Verse 2:
Am      F             G         Dm
I'm not looking for you to be anything
Am      F       G       Dm                  Am          F               G
But my ultimate enemy So back off, you're not what I would prefer to see
Dm                   Am          F              G
When my body rots I still won't give you the courtesy
You came with fire for the last time
Bridge:  (F Bb x2)
When your body wants to run 
        Bb                              F
But your heart knows you're better than that
Bb                                                               Bb                             
The blood you spilled on battlefields I promise you will not go unspent
              C         Dm              F                                       
Neither will I leave you stranded The promise rings as our battle cry
Bb              C               Dm          F
You're never alone regardless of doubt But faith comes so easy to some
Bb          C     Dm            F               Bb      C                 Dm   F           Am  F 
Dm F
Better luck next time, better luck next time  Watch as the teargas burns my eyes It burns my eyes

The Bitter Uprising
Tuning: Standard
Verse 1:
Bb/E                                            F               
If you listen to the sound of the hope  In the children's voices asking questions
Bb                 C               Gm
You'll know how blindness is a blessing 
Bb/E                                    F
But I know your type, you're always right, your tongue controls your mind
Bb      C               Gm
But I guess life's the lesson

Bb                           Dm
If they said 40 years I would die before
I let them take the love that I have paid for with my tears
Bb                            Dm
And now the time has come to cut our tongues out
And commit ourselves as you did in your memory 

F                                       Gm
We'll tear down the walls and let them know 
We could have it all, we could have some hope
             C                   Bb     C (Some weird lick)
This city could be ours by nightfall

Verse 2:
Bb                                      F
Do you hear the war drums beating? Are you truly happy doing nothing, darling?
Bb              C       Gm      
      I need to find the center
Bb                                                        F
Because love is something right, it's not cooked up overnight In sticky situations you try
Bb              C       Gm
    But less is more forever (Pre-Chorus) (Chorus x2)
Dm               C              Bb
The minute I was born, you stole my heart
The minute I was born, you stole my heart
Dm              B                Gm
The minute I was born, you stole my heart
Dm              B                       A7
The minute I was born, the minute I was born

(Chorus x2 palm mute the first time through then play it normally)
(End  on F)

We All Look Elsewhere 
Tuning: Eb
Intro: Em, Em, C, C x2
Verse 1:
Lost sense (Of) direction , nobody knows my name,
C                       Am
Confidence, correction don't know how to play that game
Straight line is quicker. Straight line would make me fast
C                                        Am
I've burned my nose enough to know straight lines never last
Em                 Em    C                     C  Em                   C
Swallow your soul.      drink from this life.   As you choke on your pride
Em               C
             We all look elsewhere x2
Verse 2: same chords as verse 1
It's safer inside doors, nobody has to flee
Broken vessel passed the rocks and out to sea
Waiting, wanting mad with purpose
Now we come to talk to one who knows the answer to how 
Chorus 2:
D                  Em                      G            D       C       Em       D
Don't waste your time if you've got it, the tides are turning now, you are not alone
(D)                  Em                         G       D   C       Em      D       
They gave you their worst and you bought it. The lie has been exposed. You are not alone
Winter that comes quick in early September
The rain clouds that washed me are what I remember
The stones that I threw piled high like a mountain
Am                          D
Which I had to climb before I reached the fountain
    Em          D                       Bm                              C
If life is a riddle then riddle me this: the blood tasted sweet as it passed by my lips
(Em D D C)
Don't, don't waste your time ,  don't, don't waste your time. Don't waste your time 
(Chorus 2)
(End on Em)

TUNING: 1/2 step down ( Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb )
C#m A E B
Verse 1:
C#m                          A (Repeat these chords)
    A summer drive away from dying
    a broken heart nothing to lose.
    I know it hurts so bad just trying
    to please the ones you hate to love.
      F#m                   A                                   C#m    B
And I wrote this note about someone I used to know
       F#m          A
so I'd remember how life can be so short  when your left alone to wonder
                                   '                       E
how it is someone opens and shuts the door.
            E/Eb          A
I know your cold but come home.
       C#m        B                A
It's a shame how short we all have come.

Interlude: C#m  A C#m  A
Verse 2:
C#m                             A (Repeat these chords)
    You set your mind on cruise control
    knuckles grip the wheel in fear to let it go.
F#m                   A
Love is empty,love is cruel,
love it blindly breaks the rules.
How could you have been a fool?
It's something all of us go through.
You choke back tears and swallow lies
but those wiper blades won't fix your eyes,
                B                                    E
count on having clouded vision for at least a little while. (Chorus)
Chorus 2:
                  E/Eb          A
And I know you're cold but come home.
             C#m                        B             A
Please don't face the headlights of the oncoming cars alone
   C#m     A      E     B
We wont forget the past.
   C#m     A      E     B
We wont forget the past. (And I know you're cold)

E                                         A
   Say all the answers and I will let you go
I wont look back
and I wont look back.
Say all the answers
and I will let you go.
I will let you go.
I will let you go
Say all the answers and I will let you go
I won't look back
I won't look back
            B                          A
Say all the answers and I will let you go
I will let you go
I will let you go.
(Some lyrics are whispered in the background) (Violin plays here)
Please don't face the headlights of the oncoming cars alone
and I will let you go

This is my first tab/chord sheet that I have ever uploaded and if you have any suggestions for 
any other tabs or 
corrections then put it in the comments!
(Some of this stuff is wrong with placement and stuff like that becausee UG likes to 
reformat the heck out of your chord sheets)
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