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The Cave Singers - Swim Club - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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The Cave Singers - Swim Club - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Swim Club
The Cave Singers
standard tuning, capo on first fret

*all chords relative to capo
*lyrics may not be 100% accurate


C                  G

e  0               e   0
B  3               B   3
G  0               G   0
D  2               D   0
A  3               A   2
E  0               E   3

Intro: G     C

G           C               G                 C

I can wait at the canyon's corner and I'm back away
I can see you looking into locuses that ease your mind
Won't peel your cowl back, I'm shaking up and you're stepping down
Eat your cookies in the cool, unwrap, let's kiss the sky away

Holding on to your fishing line
I can feel the future just fine
I can feel the future baby
It's tumbling down your cheek

I can see the past, oh no
I'm not pretending, oh love
I can see your future that
and the future that don't play


Dark streets, watch out
Long streets back home
Dark streets, watch out
Well that's right

Tied to the boats of my life, I'm a man of sanity
Your man is a sinking houseboat that just arrived
Have you snuck off into parks lashing off the flagon
Are you in my office building, why the dressing occasion

Oh, ain't that the way things work
Ain't that the way things go
Aren't those the stories we've been told
Sister, let's ride again

Dark streets, watch out
Red sun, come home
Dark streets, watch out
Well, that's right

You can call me all night

I'm living like a lonely man, I'm living in this lonely land
I'm living on an empty bench, watching those bars at night
I'm living on the things I have, I'm leaning on the canyon's edge
I'm living like a lonely man, bring back your bars tonight
Добавлено: 24.04.2012
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