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The Blamed - Second-minded Friend - аккорды и текст, видео

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The Blamed - Second-minded Friend - аккорды и текст, видео

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Second-minded Friend
The Blamed
		   Artist:The Blamed
Song:Second-Minded Friend
Tooth and Nail Records

Play through blazingly fast.I probably messed up on the timing but you 
get the jist of it.Have Fun!

D    C#     D          C#     F
I'm your second-minded friend
D    C#     D          C#     F
I'll tell you what you need
D    C#     D     C#    F
I'll give what you want
D    C#     D     C#       F
I'll give it all right now
D    C#     D          C#      F
I'll give you fortune and fame
D       C#      D       C#        F
A perfect mind and a perfect body
D        C#      D       C#        F
Anything to keep you away from God
D   C#    D   C#   F
Listen to my voice
E   E(pm)
This isn't here
E   E(pm)
This isn't real
E        E(pm)   E    E(pm)
This Bible you have on your shelf
E   E(pm)
Is just a fairy tale.....................

Just do the same pattern..If you need anything e-mail me hope you like it..The Blamed is an awesome 
band.If any of you have cool hardcore or punk tab please send..Thanks
Thanx goes out to:Jesus my best friend,All my punk bud's,Danielle(my 
stargazing sweetheart),my bro(mosh it up baby),Brandon Ebel,Dustin 
Nolan(My hXc bud)     
Добавлено: 01.07.2013
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