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The Black Mages - Skies Above - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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The Black Mages - Skies Above - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

Просмотров: 188
Авторы музыки: 植松伸夫
Авторы текста: Alexander O. Smith
Skies Above
The Black Mages
   Artist: The Black Mages

   Song: The Skies Above
                From album "The Black Mages II: The Skies Above" (2004)

   Em              C         D         G
   Sparks from the fire rise up to the sky
   Em         C         D         G
   Higher and higher oh I want to fly
   Em         C          D            G
   Out of the story this time I'll be free
        C        D           Am            C
   Wake up for a moment from this dream of me

   Em     C           D          G
   Just a legend cold words on a page
   Em         C            D       G
   Lift up my eyes and I'm soaring away
   Em        C            D          G
   On silver wings spread out to the sun
       C            D        Am         C
   I'm leaving this city for the skies above.

   Am       F        G       Em
   O'er the ruins an ancient light
   Bm    F#m   A     B
   Never lost, never failing
   B      G        A           F#m
   Follow me on my path to the heights
   C#m        G       A         B
   Before the shadows fade into night
   Am      F            G      Em
   Running back but I'm out of time.
   Bm      F#m  A    B
   I could tell everything
   B        G          A       F#m
   Hear the words that fill my mind
   C#m       G   A       B
   How can I say she was mine?
Добавлено: 04.05.2016
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