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The Avett Brothers - True Sadness - аккорды и текст, видео

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The Avett Brothers - True Sadness - аккорды и текст, видео

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True Sadness
The Avett Brothers


G                       C         
you were a friend to me when my wheels were off the track
    Am                              C           D
and though you say there is no need i intend to pay you back

G                                  C
when my mind was turning loose and all my thoughts were turning black
Am                           C           D
you shined a light on me and i intend to pay you back

G                      C
when i was a child i depended on a bottle
    Am                            C         D
and full grown i've been known to lean on a bible

    G                         C
but you're the real deal in a world of imposters
    Am                         C          D
and i've seen the program make men out of monsters

       C               G
'cause i still wake up shaken by dreams
    C                        G
and i hate to say it but the way it seems
        C  D      G         C
is that no one is fine
         D       G
take the time to peel a few layers
and you will find
C  D G
true sadness

G                      C
adam and eve must have really done a number
        Am              C         D
on that garden when the apple was finished

G                     C
leaving behind them a debt made of sadness
    Am                   C          D
and damage that can't or won't be replenished


C               G
angela became a target
   D                      G
as soon as her beauty was seen
   C                      G
by young men who try to reduce her down
     Am                  D
to a scene on an x-rated screen
           C                          G
is she not more than the curve of her hips
           C                          G
is she not more than the shine on her lips
             C                   G                          D
does she not dream to see and to live and to dance down her own path
Am            D
without being torn apart
does she not have a heart

  G                      C
i cannot go on with this evil inside me
  Am                           C          D
i step out my front door and i feel it surround me

     G                   C
just know the kingdom of god is within you
Am                        C           D
even though the battle is bound to continue


Em   C
true sadness
Em   C
true sadness
(C)  D    G
true true sadness

Добавлено: 06.11.2015
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