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The Airborne Toxic Event - Change And Change And Change And Change - аккорды и текст, видео

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The Airborne Toxic Event - Change And Change And Change And Change - аккорды и текст, видео

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Change And Change And Change And Change
The Airborne Toxic Event
                                      Artist - Airborne Toxic Event
                             Song - Change And Change And Change And Change  
                                 Album - Songs of God and Whiskey (2015) 
                                           Tabbed By - Ayreon77
Tuning = Standard


       G         C              D                      G
You're totally ignoring me, she said as she put on her shirt
      C            D                         G
I was lying on the bed, concentrating on her skirt
        C               D
Did you hear one word I said? she said
I don't know, it's all a blur
  C        D
I close my eyes

   G                 C
We fell in love in a great big rush
      D                         G
Three years ago this June, I do recall
        C                 D
Playing arcade games with her
And wanting nothing at all
          C            D
Just this silly skinny girl
                       G     C
Who tended to trip and fall
On her lies

         C                  D
But then summer came and we felt the strain
       C                   D
Of the damning things we'd said
        C                 D
All the summer rains like hurricanes
     C               D
That flew around our heads
        D             G
All the endless conversations, you know
         C                   D
Like the things you could've done alone
  Em                C                D
Instead, instead, instead, instead,     instead

     G                   C                D
So I fucked it up like I always do, I was born to be alone
        G                C                      D
I don't even know if the words were true that I screamed into the phone
      G            C              D
All I know is everybody leaves or so it seems to me
         G             C             D
When I'm alone, alone, alone, alone, alone

          Em               D                  C           D
But I was younger then and stronger then, somehow I can't explain
          Em              D            C                 D
How these years can be so humbling, so strangely full of pain
         Em           D               C                     D
Just how everyone and everything must change and change and change and change
    G          C          D
And change and change and change

Just like that

G C D       |
    Ooooooo |X4

    G                 D                   C               D
Sometimes I feel just like a train that's running off the tracks
        G                  C             D
And sometimes I think I've said too many things I can't take back
        G                   C            D
And sometimes it seems like everything I do is just a waste
                G     C                  D
In fact, that's it, I think oh wait, I'm sure

        G            C              D
But I'm trying every morning that I wake to stand up straight
       G               C              D
And to always tell the truth and give back more than I take
          G        C          D
And to be kind and pure, less fucking scared of everything
  G    C     D                           G
I just can't take much more of this, I'm sure

Добавлено: 22.10.2015
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