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The 77s - The Lust The Flesh The Eyes - аккорды и текст, видео

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The 77s - The Lust The Flesh The Eyes - аккорды и текст, видео

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The Lust The Flesh The Eyes
The 77s
		   From Wed Apr 26 19:42:50 1995
song by the 77s:
'the lust, the flesh, the eyes and the pride of life'
 from the cd sticks and stones
intro:| E  Esus4 Esus2 |  (played loosely in a riffy form)
well I feel like I have to feel something good all of the time
     E              A                     E                   A
with most of life I cannot deal but a good feeling I can feel even
     E                                 A                  E       
though it may not be real
and if a person, place or thing will deliver I will quiver with delight
          E                 A                E                    A
but will it last me for all my life or just one more lonely night
      E                        A         E            A
CHORUS:(cf footnotes)
the lust the flesh the ey...ey...eyes and the pride of life
     B        E         A    E   B                       E
drain the life right out of me
 (A)   B              A
CRD:  E                         A
well I see something and i want it bang! 
right now no questions asked
don't worry about haow much you cost me now or later 
I want it baby and I want it now
I'll go to any lengths sacrifice 
all that I already have and all that I might give
just to get something more I don't need 
and Lord please don't ask me what for
GUITAR BREAK (four times)
well i get wind of folks look right at me and what happened or have done
and play on about how groovy I am and that I'm looking grand
and every single word makes me think I'll last forever, never knowing
that they probably won't remember what they say tomorrow, tomorrow i could 
        be dead

    alternate 3rd verse lyrics suggested/corrected (?) by >>>
And I love when folks look right at me and what i'm doin' or have done
and lay it on about how groovy I am, and that i'm looking grand
and every single word makes me think i'll live forever, never knowing
that they probably won't remember what they've said tomorrow, tomorrow I
could be dead
    ----------------------- end alternate lyrics --------------------------- >>>

GUITAR BREAK (three times then:)
CRD:  A                E                A        E
you may find that the chords on the chorus sound a bit weird and don't
really follow the melody. the reason for that is that there is a whole
load of guitars, mandolins, and some other weird and wonderful instruments
and they all play intricate melodies
Also the bass plays this over the first line of the chorus:
crd:  B     E    A    E  B
if you add them together it sounds like the original
ALSO if anybody sees anything to add or change e mail me
I know the lyrics must be wrong at the beginning of the
third verse so please tell me
I do believe this may be the first ever transcription of a 77s song
if anybody wants anything else  by the 77s transcribed i'll gladly do it
I think though that Mike Roe probably wants to punch my face out for
having messed up some probably very personal lyrics
I'd like to ask you guys out there to pray for Mike cos
he's going through a hard time in his life and also pray
for David Leonhardt (second guitar) who's got Hdgkins disease
God bless you all

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