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Terry Callier - Lean On Me - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Terry Callier - Lean On Me - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Авторы музыки: Terry Callier
Авторы текста: Terry Callier
Lean On Me
Terry Callier
Lean On Me (demo version from "First Light")


F7M    C (x3) (finger pick or strum) 

(verse 1) (finger pick or strum verses)
You've seen bad times
C                                  F7M  
Your eyes have told me so blue and bad times
C                                           F7M  
You think that I don't know but there'll be glad times
C                               F7M  
Just you wait and see girl I'll be your sunrise if you
Lean on me
       F7M     C                          F7M  
Now I imagine  I could comfort you I'd forgotten 
The things that you'd  been through
           F7M           C
But here's one thing on which we can agree 
            F7M                           C
When you're ready darling you can lean on me

(strum chorus)  C                              G
And the love I bring will grow into a lasting thing
                          F                C
It'll put your heart on wings and set you free
           C                           F
And as you rise high into the clearing sky
Maybe you will realize you can always
        C                               G
Lean on me said lean on me baby lean on me
                  F                  C
Said just lean on me you can lean on me

(verse2)         F7M             C
All your heartaches are hidden deep inside 
             F7M            C
So there's no  telling how many tears you've cried
             F7M               C
And like the river told the weeping willow tree 
      F7M                                    C
I can hold your teardrops child just lean on me

(chorus2)      C
Sweet love and care and girl I'll find the strength
   G                                   F
I swear and when you need me I'll be there 
If you let it be 
                 C                             G
Till my time is done till the longest race is run
Right on till the kingdom comes you can always
        C               C               G
Lean on me—said lean on me baby lean on me 
Yeah you can lean on me 
You know that you can lean on me

This is a rather raw demo version that I find much more compelling than most
of the studio releases of the song. It's just Terry and his guitar. Same
arrangement, slightly different lyrics. 

As always, corrections, comments welcome. All my own work. 

Greg Brown
Добавлено: 01.07.2012
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