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Terra Naomi - Ill Be Waiting - аккорды и текст, видео

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Terra Naomi - Ill Be Waiting - аккорды и текст, видео

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Ill Be Waiting
Terra Naomi
Hey guys, this is the first tab I'm submitting. Hope you like it ;)

Terra Naomi - I'll be waiting

Chords used:
Am x02210
B  x13331
F  133211
C  x32010
Dm xx0321

Intro: 2x:  Am  B  F

Am            B                F
  When you've smoked your last cigarette
   And the          lights go            out

Am           B       C             F
  And you're pacing around in your room

            B                           C
Thinking of things you shouldn't think about

Am            B         F         C
  And there's no one to hold your hand

Am         B         F 
  Help you figure it out

Am        B       C         F
  And you think nobody understands

           B                  C
No one has been where you are now

Dm              B        F               C
I'll    be      waiting     when you are on your own
Yes, I'll be waiting     when you are far from home,  when
nothing' s sacred       you'll never    be alone,   no
I'll    be     waiting                       here

Instrumental Interlude: Dm B C F   Dm B C C

Am            B            F           C
  When you're down to your last bit of hope

Am          B         F
  Feel like breaking apart

Am        B           C      F
  And you swear that nobody else

           B                         C
Could ever love you the way that you are                        

repeat Chorus

         B                     C                       Dm                    C 
When the day is short  And the night is logn  and your pillow feels like the hardest stone
When your head is hot And your heart is cold  You are not alone You are not alone, no   

repeat Chorus

I'll be waiting here       I'll be waiting here...
Добавлено: 15.05.2016
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