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Tenth Avenue North - Beyond Words - аккорды и текст, видео

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Tenth Avenue North - Beyond Words - аккорды и текст, видео

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Beyond Words
Tenth Avenue North
Beyond Words - Tenth Avenue North
Tabbed by tonydo91
Questions and/or suggestions, email to

This tab isnt perfect, but it does come close. The actual picking pattern does not use
D/F#, Em7, or C chords, but rather the D, Em, or C chord, but if youre going to strum
then the former chords sound better in my opinion, and also has the benefit of playing 
Em-D-C part of "Let me take your breath away" more easily.

Chords: Standard Tuning
  G     D/F#    D      Em7    Em     C     C
  3      3      2      3      0      3      0
  3      3      3      3      0      3      1
  0      2  or  2      0  or  0      0  or  0
  0      0      0      2      2      2      2
  2      0      x      2      2      3      3
  3      2      x      0      0      x      x

Verse 1:
             G            D/F#                 Em7
Well if you only knew the pain that Ive been through.
       G           D/F#   Em7       C
Since when did it become all about you?
                G                 D/F#                Em7
And as you can see right from the start Ive said the truth
             G                    D/F#  Em7         C            D
But if the truth means nothing to you, then what am I supposed to do?

And Ill still love you,
Beyond the words can say.
Ill take every suffering moment,
And bring a better day.
And Ill still love you,
More than what I hope to be.
Let me wrap my arms around you,
Let me take your breath away.

Verse 2: Same as Verse 1
And every time I ask you assure youre doing fine.
But your heart looks good by smiling, You couldn't fool mine.
And by the end of the night your pillow sits to dry.
In a crowded room youre singing, but on the inside you sigh.


 G    D/F#
In a ballroom theres dancing,
In a forest there are trees,
In a child there is a hope
That keeps him in belief.
With any star there is a sky,
With any beach theres a sea.
With any love song, theres a lover,
And in your heart, I hope its…

Chorus x2
Добавлено: 29.02.2012
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