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Tenth Avenue North - All I Have - аккорды и текст, видео

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Tenth Avenue North - All I Have - аккорды и текст, видео

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All I Have
Tenth Avenue North
All I Have - Tenth Avenue North


C  D  Em  C
C  D  G

Verse 1:

G                   C
Forgive me Lord for thinking
You would ever need me
Could you ever need me?
G                            C
Cause you spoke me into this existence
So why do I resist this?
What is this I can't let go?


C           D       Em        C
Cause all I have is Yours, Oh Lord
C          D       G
Yes, all I have is Yours

Verse 2:

G                   C
You are Lord of all creation
Author of salvation
Where else can I go?
      G                          C
Cause even this breath that I am taking
You have given to me
There's nothing I can call my own

Chorus x2


C                 G
And all I have is what you give me
Em               G
What you give is more than I need
C                   G
So open my hands to give back freely
Em                  G
The same way You've given to me  x2

Chorus x3
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