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Teenage Cool Kids - Awkward Type Of Girl - аккорды и текст, видео

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Teenage Cool Kids - Awkward Type Of Girl - аккорды и текст, видео

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Awkward Type Of Girl
Teenage Cool Kids
Awkward Type of Girl - Teenage Cool Kids
       Queer Salutations - 2009
     Verse Chords         Chorus Chords (you could also play an open C chord during the chorus)

    G     E     C      G     E     C 

Intro: Chorus x2

G                                       E                        C                  G
You've got a boyfriend, but that don't matter and it won't keep him from what he's after
                                 E                 C                            G              Verse 1 
He wants to make you his new obsession before you graduate from post-college depression

G                                         E                  C                        G
You pride yourself as an awkward type of girl, but you're a self-hating socialite, admit it
                                           E               C                        G          Chorus 1
You wear a badge of the hardships you've endured and you don't let your company forget it

G                            E                  C                           G
Put on a record, he doesn't get it; "I'm not a fan of shallow indie." He admitted
                               E                C                               G              Verse 2
You're not offended when he confesses that he laughs inside at all your vintage dresses

G                                          E                    C                 G
Convince yourself you're not part of his deceit, he knows he's only a novelty distraction
                                  E               C                    G                       Chorus 2
A slain regret and a promise to repeat, but will you even get the satisfaction?

Solo: Verse and Chorus x1

end on G
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