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Tammy Wynette - аккорды, тексты

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Tammy Wynette - аккорды, тексты

Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
Страна: США
Даты: 05.05.1942 - 06.04.1998

Дискография [+]

Альбомы и синглы:

  • Encore [альбом]
  • First Lady / We Sure Can Love Each Other [альбом]
  • Let's Build a World Together / We're Gonna Hold On [альбом]
  • My Elusive Dreams [1967, альбом]
  • Your Good Girl's Gonna Go Bad [1967, альбом]
  • D-I-V-O-R-C-E [1968, альбом]
  • Take Me To Your World / I Don't Wanna Play House [01.1968, альбом]
  • I'll Share My World with You [1969, альбом]
  • Inspiration [1969, альбом]
  • Stand by Your Man [1969, альбом]
  • Christmas With Tammy [1970, альбом]
  • Tammy Wynette [1970, альбом]
  • The First Lady [1970, альбом]
  • The Ways to Love a Man [26.01.1970, альбом]
  • Tammy's Touch [04.1970, альбом]
  • Straight From the Heart [1971, альбом]
  • We Go Together [1971, альбом]
  • We Sure Can Love Each Other [1971, альбом]
  • Bedtime Story [1972, альбом]
  • Me and the First Lady [1972, альбом]
  • My Man [1972, альбом]
  • We Love To Sing About Jesus [1972, альбом]
  • Kids Say the Darndest Things [1973, альбом]
  • Let’s Build a World Together [1973, альбом]
  • We’re Gonna Hold On [1973, альбом]
  • Another Lonely Song [1974, альбом]
  • Woman to Woman [1974, альбом]
  • George & Tammy & Tina [1975, альбом]
  • I Still Believe in Fairy Tales [1975, альбом]
  • Golden Ring [1976, альбом]
  • You and Me [1976, альбом]
  • ’Til I Can Make It on My Own [08.03.1976, альбом]
  • Let’s Get Together [1977, альбом]
  • One of a Kind [1977, альбом]
  • Womanhood [1978, альбом]
  • Just Tammy [1979, альбом]
  • Only Lonely Sometimes [1980, альбом]
  • Together Again [09.1980, альбом]
  • Good Love & Heartbreak [1982, альбом]
  • Soft Touch [1982, альбом]
  • Even the Strong Get Lonely [1983, альбом]
  • Sometimes When We Touch [1985, альбом]
  • Higher Ground [1987, альбом]
  • Next to You [1989, альбом]
  • Heart Over Mind [1990, альбом]
  • Honky Tonk Angels [02.11.1993, альбом]
  • Without Walls [1994, альбом]
  • One [1995, альбом]

Концертные альбомы:

  • Greatest Hits Live
  • The Best of Tammy Wynette: Live in Concert [1989]


  • Back 2 Back [сборник]
  • Best Loved Hits [сборник]
  • Greatest Hits, Volume 1 [сборник]
  • Greatest Hits, Volume 2 [сборник]
  • I Love Country [сборник]
  • Stand by Your Man [сборник]
  • The Best of George Jones & Tammy Wynette [сборник]
  • The Best of Tammy Wynette [сборник]
  • The Essential Tammy Wynette [сборник]
  • The President & the First Lady [сборник]
  • The Best of Tammy Wynette [1968, сборник]
  • The World of Tammy Wynette [1970, сборник]
  • 20 Greatest Hits [1981, сборник]
  • Encore [1981, сборник]
  • You Brought Me Back [1981, сборник]
  • Anniversary: Twenty Years of Hits [1987, сборник]
  • I ♥ Country [1988, сборник]
  • The Best Of Tammy Wynette [1989, сборник]
  • Biggest Hits [1991, сборник]
  • Encore: George Jones and Tammy Wynette [01.07.1991, сборник]
  • Greatest Hits Vol. 2 [28.01.1992, сборник]
  • Greatest Hits [1993, сборник]
  • Winners [1993, сборник]
  • Singing My Songs [1994, сборник]
  • Super Hits [1995, сборник]
  • Tammy Wynette: Legendary Country Singers [1995, сборник]
  • Super Hits [1996, сборник]
  • 16 Biggest Hits [1998, сборник]
  • Collector's Edition [1998, сборник]
  • Super Hits Volume 2 [1998, сборник]
  • Tears of Fire: The 25th Anniversary Collection [18.05.1998, сборник]
  • Together Again: The Encore Collection [1999, сборник]
  • The Definitive Collection [12.04.1999, сборник]
  • 16 Biggest Hits [10.08.1999, сборник]
  • It Sure Was Good [2002, сборник]
  • Tammy Wynette [25.07.2007, сборник]
  • Greatest Hits [2008, сборник]
  • Stand by Your Man: The Best of Tammy Wynette [07.04.2008, сборник]
  • It Sure Was Good & Together Again [09.11.2010, сборник]
  • The Essential Tammy Wynette [20.08.2013, сборник]
Название Материалы
(Or) Is It Love
(We're Not) The Jet Set
12th Of Never
A Pair Of Old Sneakers
A Player A Pawn A Hero A King
After Closing Time
Alive And Well
All Night Long
All Through Throwing Good Love After Bad
Almost Persuaded
Another Lonely Song
Apartment #9
Apartment No.9
Away In A Manger
Baby Come Home
Back In Baby's Arms
Bedtime Story
Beneath A Painted Sky
Between Twenty Nine And Danger
Blanket On The Ground
Bridge Of Love
Bring Him Safely Home To Me
Buy Me A Daddy
Cheatin Is
Closer Than Ever
Come On Home
Come With Me
Count The Blessings Instead Of Sheep
Count Your Blessings (Instead Of Sheep)
Cry Cry Again
Cryin' In The Rain
Crying Steel Guitar
Don't Come Home A Drinkin' (With Lovin' On Your Mi
Don't Come Home A Drinkin'(With Lovin' On Your Min
Don't Liberate Me (Love Me)
Don't Make Me Go To School
Don't Touch Me
Easy Come Easy Go
Enough Of A Woman
Fifty Words Or Less
Forever Yours
Funny Face
Gentle On My Mind
God's Gonna Get 'cha
God's Gonna Get 'cha (For That)
Golden Ring
Gone With Another Man
Good Lovin
Good Lovin' (makes It Right)
Great Divide
Hardly A Day
Have A Little Faith
He Is My Everything
He Knows All The Ways To Love
He Loves Me All The Way
He Was There When I Needed You
He'll Never Take The Place Of You
He's Got The Whole World In His Hands
Help Me Make It Through The Night
Help The People
Hes Still My Man
Hey Good Lookin'
Hey Good Looking
Higher Ground
Hold On (To The Love I Got)
How Great Thou Art
I Believe
I Can Love You
I Dont Think About Him No More
I Dont Wanna Play House
I Just Had You On My Mind
I Know
I Love You
I Stayed Long Enough
I Still Dream About You
I Wasnt Meant To Live My Life Alone
I Wish I Had A Mommy Like You
I'll Share My World With You
I'll Take My Chances With You
I'm Gonna Keep On Loving Him
I'm Not Mine To Give
I'm Not That Good At Goodbye
I've Learned
If I Were A Little Girl
If This Is Our Last Time
If You Think I Love You Now (I've Just Started)
Ill Be Your Bridge Just Lay Me Down
Ill See Him Through
Im Not A Candle In The Wind
It Is No Secret (What God Can Do)
It Keeps Slipping My Mind
It's All Over

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