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Tallest Man On Earth - Slow Dance - аккорды и текст, видео

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Tallest Man On Earth - Slow Dance - аккорды и текст, видео

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Авторы: The Tallest Man on Earth

Slow Dance
Tallest Man On Earth
                     Slow Dance - The Tallest Man On Earth

Tuning: EBC#F#BF#   (DABEAE if you don't want to snap a string ;) )
Capo: 8 (10 if using DABEAE)


       G     C     D     Am    Em   

Intro: Begin by strumming just the top strings holding down the G chord

       Then play:  C     D    
                   C     D
                   C  G  D
And so to be one to lie to the captain
Sure I'm coming back
But I walk along and meet up a tree line
Cover up at last

Am                        G              D
And they're raging at the beach for some light
             G           C              D
But like the birds I was given all this time

And to stop believing in the returning
I went on
So vaguely I still hear the bands but not
What's going on

Am                            G              D
I guess they're raging at the beach for some light
             G             C              D
But like the birds they're forgiven every time

Am                         D
But then I know that I'm a stranger in this land
      G                                C
And I wake you up by speaking what you cannot understand, no
Am                        D
All I said was there were mountains in my way
But they're slowly disappearing
      C                             Am  
And I balance when I feel you to my skin

D (let it ring out)                    C
In times like these even travelers can win

Break: C    D
       C    D

To be high in trees when they walk
Just forth and back and out
And the vessel's gone and I will stay to
Figure this one out

Am                          G             D
I bet they're raging in the seas for some light
             G             C              D
And like all birds they're given all this time

Am                                       D
And now I hold on fall is greeting me to stay
       G                               C
And we slow dance in the kitchen and I dream the days away, oh
Am                                       D        
And just like Lucinda's you are right on time
There are louder cities somewhere
       C                                     Am  
But I don't think I'll be back where ringing stays

D (let it ring)                          C
In a place like this I should never feel afraid

Break: C    D
       C    D

(single strums)

G   C    G
Get around
C       G        D
This is handsome life
G          C      G
I guess my rhythm grew
C          G      D
Through my darker time, oh

C                                   D
I was not the killer I was one just setting sail
With the fear of sideway winds just turning
Downward with the hail

  Am                    G              D
Oh, I was raging in the field for some light
             G           C                  D
But like the birds I was forgiven with this time

Break: C    D
       C    D

Am                                         D
In this sunlight I just can't believe your face
We're some laundry line believers
We're just kids in many ways, oh
Am                                       D
And you smell like smoke and honey in my arms
    G                                 C                                Am
I'm somewhere in some falling and I'm learning of your language for to say
D (let it ring)                         C
In times like these I should never grow away

Outro: C    D
       C    D
       G    C
       end on D
Добавлено: 18.09.2015
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