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Taking Back Sunday - Nothing At All - аккорды и текст, видео

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Taking Back Sunday - Nothing At All - аккорды и текст, видео

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Nothing At All
Taking Back Sunday
                  Nothing At All Chords - Taking Back Sunday
Tabbed by: Aidan

This isn't right, but it's close enough to play along.
Hopefully it'll inspire someone to do a better job working it out.


Tuning: Standard (Really half a step up OR capo on first)

Chords used:


     Em                G       G/F#    Dsus2      C

Basically it's just E minor but you can strum with out the 2 on the A string at some 
point can work out strumming) to get a similar feel to what's being played (I can't work 
out another chord in there,again hoping someone else can do a better job)
Each line ends with G, every other followed by the equivalent with the 2 on the low E 
(labelled G/F# because I don't know what to call it)

Em                                                         G
And you wait in the dark for the music to soothe you to sleep
Em                                            G       G/F#
You swallow your fears and become them eventually
Em                                                          G
You sit like King David watching women through windows and walls
Em                                                G    G/F#
You chase your desires until you find nothing at all

                          Dsus2  Em
Until you find nothing at all

C                         Dsus2  Em
Until you find nothing at all

C                         Dsus2  Em
Until you find nothing at all

C                         Dsus2  Em  C Em C
Until you find nothing at all

I shake my heavy head and find ways to shift the blame
I hate the rules but I still play the game
I got an eye on the prize and another on the clock on the wall
And I get what I want until I want nothing at all
Until I want nothing at all

Electric guitar part played in second verse (Standard tuning, no capo on this guitar)
Добавлено: 01.08.2015
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