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Taff Russ - Eagle Song - аккорды и текст, видео

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Taff Russ - Eagle Song - аккорды и текст, видео

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Eagle Song
Taff Russ
Eagles Song

I stood and watched an eagle fly
C                    G/B            Bb  
spread his wings and soar across the sky
    Bb     C      D
so gracefully he flew
G   D/F#  Em         D        Bm
Ri- - -     sing     effortlessly
             G         A         D
I wanted to know just how to be free

Tiny fingers curled round mine
perfectly formed - newborn - the image of two
Infinite mystery I wanted to know where life comes from

A                A/G
What human intellect cant sway
Bm   Bm/A   G
Must be explained away
       F        C         G
Earth wisdom religions of men
A                A/G             Bm     Bm/A      G
Searched without end to fill the spirit housed within
    F          C                   A
simplicity of God somehow escapes man

I reached for the eternal one 
Creation He was waiting to reveal His purpose in me
He said this is where life begins
I made your spirit to glide on the wind

          Em         A7
Come lets fly on the wind
Come on lets fly on the wind
C                   G/B        Bb   C   D
On the wind on the wind on the wind

Marty Altenberger 
Добавлено: 06.08.2015
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