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Sycamore Smith - Sickdom - аккорды и текст, видео

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Sycamore Smith - Sickdom - аккорды и текст, видео

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Уроки эстрадного вокала в Санкт-Петербурге
Sycamore Smith
Pulled from here:



     Em             G
e |--3----|    e |--3----|
B |--0----|o   B |--0----|o
G |--0----|o   G |--0----|o
D |--2----|    D |--0----|o
A |--2----|    A |--2----|
E |--0----|o   E |--3----|o
      D             Am
e |--2----|    e |--0----|o
B |--3----|    B |--1----|
G |--2----|    G |--2----|
D |--0----|o   D |--2----|
A |-------|x   A |--0----|o
E |-------|x   E |-------|x

      Bm            Bm7
e |--2----|    e |--2----|
B |--3----|    B |--0----|
G |--4----|    G |--2----|
D |--4----|    D |--1----|
A |--2----|    A |--2----|
E |--2----|    E |-------|x

     A             D6
e |--0----|o   e |--2----|
B |--3----|    B |--0----|
G |--4----|    G |--2----|
D |--4----|    D |--0----|o
A |--0----|o   A |-------|x
E |-------|x   E |-------|x

And then there's this weirdo. It's essentially a Bm7 put down one fret.
e |--3----|
B |--0----|
G |--3----|
D |--2----|
A |--3----|
E |-------|x

The INTRO is played at the beginning, (obviously,) but also after the choruses and the bridge. It's just a
G chord, then sliding down your middle finger and pinkie to the 7th fret(relative to the capo), 
sliding back up to a chord the shape of a G, just one fret up, 
and then back down to the original G. (Watch the video, you'll see what I mean.)

Also, during the kazoo break and the Bridge, he does this thing with the Em chord:
e |--3-3-3--3--|
B |--0-0-0--0--|
G |--0-0-0--0--|
D |--2-2-0--0--|    
A |--2-2-0--2--|  
E |--0-0-0--0--|

Note that you hammer down with your middle finger back onto the D string.

He also does this with the G:
e |--3-3-3-3--|    
B |--0-0-0-0--|
G |--0-0-0-0--|
D |--0-0-0-0--|  
A |--2-2-0-2--|  
E |--3-3-3-0--|

You can lift your middle AND index, then hammer down with the index, but I prefer the method tabbed above.

I would recommend watching the video a few times to get the timing during the kazoo break,
(and all the other parts)

So, here it is:



Em            C             Em   G     Em 
The murderess undresses her late night victim
G                     D                              Em  Bm7 Em 
He's got a fine physique, that's why she picked him
G                   D
She takes a swig of port then sits
A             Am             Em          D
Upon his rigor mortised bits till dawn
G                 D    Bm        Em   D   G
She's the sickest lass in all of Sickdom


Sickdom is a realm
            C                  G
Where saintly souls are overwhelmed,
            Em              Bm7                          Em   Bm7 Em 
Their grace erased and then replaced with base depravity
D                              G                C
Its denizens are menacing, yet fill you full of calm
           Em      D               G
By shoving opiated balm up in your cavity...



       Em            C         Em  G    Em 
The murderess confesses to the handsome priest
            G         D                     Em  Bm7 Em 
But he doesn't hear a word, as he's deceased
G                     D
She tears his frock & socks off and
A                   Am           Em            D
Prepares to get her rocks off by smearing him
G                         D    Bm               Em  D    G
In the extremely unctuous gunk with which she's greased

D  G  Em  "W"  Em  Bm7 Em D G  Em Bm7 Em  D G

       D                   Em      
The murderess caresses her machete  
        Am                     Em 
And curls up on a deep magenta settee
      D                               G   
The scent of fetid gent is strong and heady
       A                D6                G
As she slips out of her pinkish patchwork teddy



       Em       C            Em   G   Em 
The murderess's tresses grow gray and thin
              G        D                Em  Bm7 Em 
And then the ravages of time do her in
      G              D
She punts across the Styx to dwell
       A           Am               Em       D
But cannot get her kicks so well in Hades,
            G            D    Bm       Em   D       G
Where cavorting with the dead is not a sin, rickety-tin,
        Em                D           G D G
How she longs to live in Sickdom once again...


Добавлено: 24.11.2015
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