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Swon Brothers - Songs That Said It All - аккорды и текст, видео

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Swon Brothers - Songs That Said It All - аккорды и текст, видео

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Songs That Said It All
Swon Brothers
"Songs That Said It All"

Capo 4

The entire song follows the chord progression: 
(relative to Capo)
G Cadd9 G D

Intro: (there's a quick F# note on the high E string between the first G and the Cadd9, but to simplify, 
it's just the basic chord progression)
G Cadd9 G D x2

G                     Cadd9
Just another typical Saturday night
G                    D
Hanging out with the boys
G                                 Cadd9
Nothing new cutting through those neon lights
G                   D
Always the same old noise
G                         Cadd9
Just about the time I was looking to leave
G                          D
I caught that look in your eye
G                                  Cadd9
You were dancing with your friends when I cut in
G                 D
And the DJ got it right

       G Cadd9       G                               D                            
And we sang, just skipping through the words that we didn't know
    G  Cadd9       G                               D
We danced, in the middle of the room like we were all alone
     G                     Cadd9
And I couldn't say what you were doing to me
G                      D
So I left it up to the melody
    G Cadd9     D  
Добавлено: 22.06.2016
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