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Swish - Chronic - аккорды и текст, видео

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Swish - Chronic - аккорды и текст, видео

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Many people have been asking for the lyrics and chords for some of our 
songs. I'm providing both of these for all of our songs which are on MP3 
located on our website

lyrics reprinted by permission of Swish

written by Jason Dunn
submitted by Jason Dunn

C         G               F
This is a song about some girl
      G                  C
Who's living in my world
            G               F   G
And I don't want to let her go
C            G                 F
She tells me that she feels so strong
G                C
When we get along
            G               F
And I think everyone should know

          C   G  F
Love's chronic
              C    G    F
Yeah love's chronic woe woe
       C      G   F
Love's chronic
            C        G     F
Yeah love's chronic woe woe

Kate's just an ordinary girl
Who's living all alone
And she don't have a place to go
She sits around her house all day
While others work and play
She thinks her sofa is her throne

Yeah life's chronic woe woe
Life's chronic
Life's chronic
Yeah life's chronic yeah yeah

C  G  Am  F (x4)
Hey Kate, take a break
Take a minute while you wait
Lying there, in your chair
Couch potato, you don't care
Prime time's really fine
Search the web on your phone line
HBO is really cool
     G                              C   G F G
You didn't think you'd be the fool yeah

Kate was raised in Sunday school
Knew exactly what to do
Kate repented of her sin
Kate asked Jesus to come in
She felt Him in the atmosphere
Then she knew that He was near
Bad feelings went away
Everything else felt okay yeah
                 C   G  Am F
G we do it all again (x4)
Добавлено: 13.11.2013
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