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Swallow The Sun - Evael 1000 - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Swallow The Sun - Evael 1000 - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
Evael 1000
Swallow The Sun
			    Evael 10:00 - Swallow the Sun
			 (Part III of "Plague of Butterflies")
Just my intuition of the basic chord structure. If you're playing it with a guitar,
I suggest using drop-C tuning, so that you can play the C minor as an open chord. 
It sounds great that way, especially with an acoustic
guitar. Hope you like the tab!



[Cm7] -- [Eb] -- [Gm - Eb7M  ] -- [F]

[Cm7] -- [Eb]


Gm                       F#m      (F#sus2)  F#m
Cold, oh so cold is this air that the night brought.

Gm(Eb7M  )Gm              F#m         (F#sus2)     F#m
Silent, too quiet are the woods in the eve of this night.

Gm  (Eb7M  ) Gm          F#m      (F#sus2)      F#m
Once         again     I lit the   candle on my window.

Gm(D#7M  ) Gm                  F#m    (F#sus2)    F#m
And... And waited.             Waited     for the sleep...

[Cm7] -- [Eb] -- [Gm - Eb7M  ] -- [F]   X2

[Cm7] -- [Eb]

Gm        F#m
Evael, my dream has been so alive and this

Eb         Cm
plague has cleansed this world for us.

Gm              F#m
   So please, 

  Eb            Cm  
release me now.


     Gm            (Eb7M  ) Gm              F#m     (F#sus2) F#m
Sink deeper to your loneliness and you will lead her to your grave.

      Gm add9                     F#m      (F#sus2)  F#m
She's lost in gloomy light, still trying to hold her flame.

       Gm add9                         F#m  (F#sus2)  F#m
You're losing the sunsets and you will never get them back.

     Gm add9           Gm            F#m       (F#sus2)   F#m
This life you spend in loneliness is forever in shades of black.


Cm   Eb   Gm   F#m

Eb   Cm   Gm   F#m

Eb                         Cm  
   Was it a weak sound on my door that woke me up

Gm                         F#m
   or the trees sheltering me from the night?

Eb                           Cm
   I kept my eyes closed but still felt the light,

Gm                  F#m
   and the room was filled by butterflies.



  Gm                 Ab
I rose with my heart beating.

  For the weak hope of the midnight's hour I prayed

                          Gm     Ab
and opened my door to the winter night.

And she fell... She fell to my arms.

                       Gm  Ab            
In tears I carried her and laid

   her down to sleep. Her eyes

                         Gm      Ab
frozen from the thousand nights alone.

She trembled and whispered:


(silence)          D
"I was lost in the woods.

        Csus2                   Csus2
And the trees kept me away from you.

Gm                D
For I brought the plague with them.

Csus2                          Csus2
      With the butterflies..."


Am                     F
   Hush now and let it go.

Csus4 C Csus4     C
             Close your eyes now.

Csus4 C Csus4     C

Am                F     C
   And we drift away, together away from the pain.

Am              F                      C
   Deep in this sheltering night, to a forgiving dream.

Am                       F                  C
   Until one minute past midnight, the room was filled.

   Filled only with butterflies...

Am  -  F F7M   F F7M    -  C  -  Csus4 C Csus4 C  X4

Outro (in two different tunings):

D |---------------------------------------|
A |----3-----3-----232--------------------|
F |---4-4---4-4---4-----------------------|
C |--4---4-4---4-4------------------------|
G |-2-----2-----2--------2----------------|
C |---------------------------------------|

e |---------------------------------------|
B |----1-----1-----010--------------------|
G |---2-2---2-2---2-----------------------|
D |--2---2-2---2-2------------------------|
A |-0-----0-----0--------0----------------|
E |---------------------------------------|
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