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Supergrass - It's Not Me - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Supergrass - It's Not Me - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Авторы: Rob Coombes, Danny Goffey, Mick Quinn, Gaz Coombes

It's Not Me

Subject: Chords: "It's Not Me" by Supergrass

From the Album In it for the Money

I've always loved this chord-rich song, and def compliments to the tab done by Frederic Maquet
way back when (especially the schwowom;), but when I heard the third chord in particular, I
felt there was a straight up 7th missing in there instead of the D7M  .  I'm figuring this out
on a piano, so I'm also adding some bass notes to some chords to root them more in the very
expressive original version.  So this is a variation on Maquet's guitar tab figured out on a
piano in case anyone wants to add the keyboard dimension that the song originally had.

Intro: (play slowly)
    F#m7     F#m6/B     D7/A       F#7sus4/Ab
(the bass note starts on F#, then as it goes to F#m6/B it first hits A then B, then drops to A
during the D7 chord, then drops another half note to ground the F#7sus4,
on the second pass, the D7 is grounded in a higher D bass and drops a half
note to C#)

Verse 1:
F#m7              F#m6/B         D7/A            F#7sus4/Ab
       Over their heads, I find a place to crawl away.

F#m7           F#m6/B            D7              F#7sus4/C#
       So many times, I hear the things they use to say.

Ab        C#11     (with added "schwowwom" effect- thnx Frederic Maquet)

Verse 2: (same chords as verse 1)
Into the night, the conversation fades away.
Losing the drift, of all the things I have to say.

Ab         C#11   
(I play the C#11 chord with these notes: B C# Eb F# Ab rooted over a C#)


F#              A6
It's not me, no, no, not me.
    F#               Asus2/D
But I don't know what is.

  F#             A6
I try and find my piece of mind.
    F#            Asus2/D
But I know what I'll miss.

(F# just add a Ab to the major chord, Asus2 can be played as DEAB/D)

         Ab                            C#11   
Now it's gone. Now it's gone. Now it's gone.

F#         A6           Ab          C#11   
As everyone listens,   my head turns away.
F#             A6              Ab         C#11   
I know what I'm missing.    But nothing is saaaaid

Chorus (x2)
  F#               F#7sus4
But I know what I'll miss

Quick succession:
/    /  / /  /   /  /  /  /  /(hold)
B       B F# B   B  F# B  F# F#....
Добавлено: 23.05.2012
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