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Sundy Best - Until I Met You - аккорды и текст, видео

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Sundy Best - Until I Met You - аккорды и текст, видео

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Until I Met You
Sundy Best
i don't actually know the name of the following chord, but this is how it'll be referred to for this tab.
Let me know if you know what it's called!

     C     C

Just to try to simplify things, C will have hammer ons for the 4th string (listen to the song and listen for
it, hard to miss) and C will just be strumming the chord shown.

Standard Tuning
Capo 2

F C C (x4)

Verse 1: (use some palm muting)
F        C           C
i fell a victim to a long hard way of livin
F     C      C
i was on the beaten path
F     C          C
i got lost in my own self reservations

        F       C          C
used to driving girls wild
F      C        C
yeah i had me a few
F       C    C
i was a wild child
F            C         C
i broke some hearts in two
F             C               C            
never was the kind of guy you wanted around
          Am           C       C
there was nothing that i would do
      F     C     C
until i met you
      F     C     C
until i met you

Verse 2: (use some palm muting)
F         C         C
you could say i was star struck in your presence
F                C       C
you weren't like all the rest
F          C           C
you didn't care that i sounded like a country singer
F          C       C
though you weren't impressed

Chorus (x1)

         F       Am           C
well you held me down and you held my hand
    F        Am          C
and i didn't want to let go
     F      Am       C 
so i set em down til you came around
      F        Am          C
cause i didn't want you to know

Chorus (x1)

      F     C     C
until i met you
      F     C     C (end with just one strum)
until i met you
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