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Sun Kil Moon - Lonely Mountain - аккорды и текст, видео

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Sun Kil Moon - Lonely Mountain - аккорды и текст, видео

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Lonely Mountain
Sun Kil Moon
 Lonely Mountain


DADGAD tuning

Finger pick. Slide from E to G

Change tuner from 440 hz to 432 hz

E = 222100

G = 555400

C = 032030

E   G     C
Oh tiring city

E             G       C
Leave it from time to time

E           G               C
People with things in their ears

E          G      C
Cutting me off in line

E           G          C
Get on the long yellow highway

E       G            C
Need to get the hell out

E        G        C
Hassles, Hassles, Hassles

E      G        C
Always stacking up

E   G     C

Oh jilted lover

E              G        C
Why won't you, leave me be

E            G          C
Why must you grind your axe

E            G            C
Against my, fruit bearing tree.

E   G     C
Oh lonely mountain

E     G            C
Quiet peaceful and green

E            G   C
Out here in isolation

E              G         C
Don't hear no, ambulance scream

E  G      C
Oh bitter friend

E       G         C
Envious of others jobs

E       G          C
Envious of others freedom

E                   G              C
Gotta work hard to find your sweet spot

E       G         C
Devoted my whole life

E       G        C
Nothing came by luck

E         G            C
Your dad paid for your college

E       G           C
My dad gave me five bucks

E  G        C
Oh endless sessions

E            G         C
Down here at Ellis and Hyde

E         G       C
My elbows at the desk

E         G   C
I listen and scrutinize

E          G          C
Come home lay down in bed

E          G          C
Drum loop stuck in my head

E       G             C
Try and shut my brain off

E              G       C
And open Night Stalker again

E   G      C
Oh lonely record

E         G     C
No longer has a home

E    G     C
Only money comes

E          G          C
When I get out on the road

E   G     C
Oh lonely ocean

E      G      C
Why it must I cross

E             G          C
To end up in Puerto Real Spain

E          G             C
Where I'll turn and I'll toss

E  G      C
Oh lonely singer

E          G                   C
Lies there awake, looks at the clock

E        G         C
Flipping through a black book

E            G              C
Re-learnin' songs that he's forgot

E  G     C
Oh eager fan

E          G       C
Follows me show to show

E    G          C
If I had a good night

E            G           C
I might come out and say hello

E  G       C
Oh patient lover

E       G      C
Waiting by the phone

E           G       C
I call her from my layover

E                G      C
And tell her I'm coming home

E                   G              C
Scattered lights of south San Francisco

E            G    C
Sparkle like diamonds

E                 G            C
When the night is black and my airplane's

E    G   C
Downward glidin'

E   G     C
Oh love I missed you

E        G       C
Lie down next to me

E             G       C
Sway with me like the ocean

E                G               C
'til I fall off into a deep long sleep

E                    G            C
Oh dandelion com in' up from the ground

E           G     C
I reach for a notebook

E      G        C
Write down some words

E       G       C
And try to wind down

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