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Suicide Machines - Bones To Ashes Bonus Track - аккорды и текст, видео

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Suicide Machines - Bones To Ashes Bonus Track - аккорды и текст, видео

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Bones To Ashes Bonus Track
Suicide Machines
SUICIDE MACHINES: Bones to Ashes (Acoustic bonus track after Politics of
Transcribed by: myself, Kevin Hawkins (
This is all my own work
Chords used:
(from low E string)
G      320003
C      X32010
Cadd9  X32033
Am     X02210
Sometimes I replace the Cadd9^Òs with 022003, just for kicks.
*NOTE* there are places where you can here him hammering on the bass
notes and in a few places the high 3^Òs, do this to make it more fun and
interesting to play, but don^Òt overdue it.
** Also, in the verses I like to replace the C with Am^Òs every once in a
while, or that E sounding chord above also sounds good. Whatever, have
fun with it.
** The strum patter is a very basic up/down, 1and2and3and4, 2 and 4 are
emphasized, harder strums. This brings out the awesome rhythm and feeling
of this song.

CAPO 4TH FRET, all of the frets shown above are relative to the capo
 G    C    G    C
             (oh yeah...)
 G                 C
(critical mass, detonation countdown,...)
 Am     Cadd9                Am          G
(Oh..   pile^Å               ^Åmust^Å     ^Åmore^Å
G    C    G    C
             (listen up now...)
  G                   C                G            C
(Governments^Å create^Å  ^Åhate^Å   ^Åhave^Å
  G             Am         C           Cadd9
( one..    ...none...   ...none...
CHORUS 4X, end on G
Enjoy! E-mail me at if you have ?^Òs comments, I^Òd
be glad to help or hear your complaints. ;-)

Добавлено: 10.11.2013
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