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Suede - Home to myself - таба, видео

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Suede - Home to myself - таба, видео

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Home to Myself - Suede

   G           D                     C
I wake up and see, the light of the day,
           Am                 C
shining on me, make my own time,
                D                Em
it's mine to spend, think to myself,
my own best friend
             C         Em
It's not so bad all alone
         C         D      G
coming home to myself, again.

 G            D               C                Am
Now I understand whatever I feel is whether I am
              C                 D
watching my life and how it's grown,
             Em                  D
looking on back to things I've known
                C         Em
And its not so bad all alone
        C          D      G      Dm
coming home to myself again

C            Dm         C          Dm
It's not so bad to get lost in my tears
         C           Dm           C         Dm
and to laugh and to cry for the years gone by.
C   D   C    D
Oh my  Oh my 

G              D                     C
Now somehow I know I've come a long way
                  Am                 C
got a long way to go but something inside
                D                Em
is making me strong and in the bad times
I'll get along,
                 C        Em
Cuz it's not so bad all alone
C                 D     G       D
coming home to myself again.
C         D              G
I'm coming home.

Добавлено: 08.01.2014
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