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Sudden Suspension - Resolutions - аккорды и текст, видео

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Sudden Suspension - Resolutions - аккорды и текст, видео

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Sudden Suspension
Resolutions Sudden Suspension

I'd don't think this is perfect or 100% accurate, but for anyone like myself who can't stop 
listening to this song/band, I don't think its a bad attempt, at least not at the basic chords
Give the band a listen if you haven't already they're a pretty awesome pop punk band, that I don't
think are as well know as they should be (in my opinion).

Standard tuning: EADGBE (how they actually play may be different, I'm not sure)

capo depends on your vocal range if your singing it, most anywhere will work no capo, capo 2 and
capo 6 sound pretty ok for me, so just mess around with it if you want.

Comments and suggestions welcome for improvements or additions.

Hope you enjoy.

A  (002200)
E  (022100)
B  (024400)
C# (046600)

A                                 E
I lay in bed, and reminisce about where I was last Christmas
            B                    C#                B
I've got my list of resolutions, most of them I've missed
               A                    E 
I didn't get a girlfriend or a car, lost my job and probably
B                                      C#             B
Wouldn't know I was alive if it wasn't cold enough to see myself breathing
A             E              B                                  C#         B
Merry Christmas, let's make up for all these bad decisions with presents under the tree
A             E                             B
Merry Christmas, just wishing I get snowed in
     C#      B       A                     E                       B
So I never have to leave my room, ill just lay in my bed, till the trees aren't dead,
         C#        B                     A               E      
Till the snow man melts into the ground, till the soil's soft enough,
           B                                           C#              B          A
For me to bury, a years' worth of skeletons I've been keeping in my closet until now 
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