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Sublime - Crazy Fool - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Sublime - Crazy Fool - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Crazy Fool
Sublime - Crazy Fool.
Tabbed by Josh Crosby -
Tabs: Date: November 18, 2000
Author/Artist: Sublime
Title: Crazy Fool
Album: Bradley Nowell & Friends
Tabbed by: Josh Crosby
Tabbed on: Piece of crap 6 string acoustic
E-mail address:

Ok this is my first attempt at tabbing a song so go easy on a brother ok?  This is from the Sublime acoustic album and I think it's just an awesome song and wish they would have done it professionally.  Here goes....

Foolish Fool

Riff 1            Riff 2                      Riff 3
------------     -----------------14-    ---------
------------     -----------------14-    ---------
------------     --------------------     --------- 
------------     --------------------     ---------
---0---2-4--   -----0-2-0---------    ---0-2-4-
-0---0------    -0-2-------2-0-2--    -0-------

Crazy crazy (riff 1)

C#m        C#m Cm Bm    A
Crazy fool.............crazy fool

A                                  E
If she thinks that she's gonna dispose my world 

                 D                            C#m
She's gotta be a crazy, crazy, crazy

C#m Cm Bm    A
       .........Crazy fool

Am G#m Gm F#m
          ............My love for you was oh, so strong (riff 2)

We went together for oh, so long (riff 2)

Am I to complain 'bout this misery? (riff 2 minus last two notes)

F#m Fm E7
       .......Is this the way love's supposed to be? Supposed to be yeah

Foolish foolish (riff 3)

C#m             C#m Cm D           E
Oh you're just a...........foolish girl

Oh foolish, foolish, foolish (riff 3)

C#m              C#m Cm Bm    A
Oh, you're just a.............crazy girl

A                                                   E
If she thinks that she's gonna take you from me

                  D                             C#m
Gotta be a crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy fool

C#m Cm Bm    A
       ........Crazy fool

He finishes with a little outro riff that I forgot cuz I'm writing this at work.  Not sure about all the words but it's close enough.  I think he was drunk when he was sang it.  If you have any questions, comments, me at

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