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Style Council - Story Of Someones Shoe - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Style Council - Story Of Someones Shoe - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
Авторы: Paul Weller

Story Of Someones Shoe
Style Council
22nd February 2001, 9.12pm presents


Words and Music by Paul Weller

From the LP 'Confessions Of A Pop Group' (Polydor, 1988)

Chords used:

(Capo on first fret)

Dsus2: xx0230    F#/Bb:    x1432x    Em9:  022002    Em7:    022030    Gm6:    353353
Bm9:   x20222    G7M  :    3x0002    D6:   xx0202    G/B:    x20033    D:      xx0232
G7M  : 3x0002    D7M  :    xx0222    Bm:   x24432    F#m/A:  x04222
G/A:   5x5433    F#m7dim5: 2x221x    Bm/A: x04432    Bbaug:  xx4332
A:     x02220    F#m7:     2x2222    A6:   x02222    F#7/Bb: x1232x


It's either something in their eyes,
Or something in the drink
        G7M             G/A
But whatever it is they both stop and think
        Dsus2             Bm9
There's no going back and nothing above
     G7M                    A      F#/Bb
It's lust and loneliness but never love.

G7M                   D7M  
She takes a breath as he takes his keys
F#m7dim5                  G7M     F#m7
First name terms is the extent of it
        Em9               D6
There's no getting out as they're going in
    G7M              A         F#/Bb
But by tomorrow they both will begin

     Bm                   Bm/A
To regret and renege on a bond they have struck
  G7M                    A      F#/Bb
A small price to pay and casual luck
Bm                 Bm/A
Some lose nothing, some lose a lot
        G7M             Bm     Bm/A A6
But whatever we have is all we have got.

D6 Bm9 G7M   G/A

Dsus2                 Bm9
He takes her hand and leads to the room
   G7M                              G/A
In half light and silence for their clothes to remove
        Dsus2                 Bm9
There's doubt in her mind but hope in her heart
          G7M              A          F#/Bb
That this last one of many may be the start.

        G7M                       D7M  
So they wriggle and writhe for an hour or two
    F#m7dim5               G7M        F#m7
But time has no place when two are consumed.
     Em9                         D6
They moan and they gasp but they don't really speak
   G7M                  A         F#/Bb
As no conversation could fit this scene.

G7M   D7M   F#m7dim5 G7M   F#m7 Em7
(vocal scat)
D7M   Em7 G/B F#m/A Bbaug G/A

    Dsus2               Bm9
And tomorrow as always, always comes
   G7M             G/A
As she slips away, He still dumb
Dsus2                    Bm9
He felt the urge just as she felt the need
        G7M                    A            F#/Bb
Now the need to get out, still carrying his seed,

      G7M                       D7M  
Which trickles down her leg and onto her shoe
F#m7dim5              G7M         F#m7
Onto the pavement and then out of view
Em9                 D6
Into the gutter and down into a drain
G7M                 A6       F#7/Bb
Joining a river and there to remain

        Bm                        Bm/A
There's no going back and there's nothing above
     G7M                     A6        F#7/Bb
It's lust or loneliness that drives us alone

Bm Bm/A G7M   A F#/Bb

Bm Bm/A G7M  

     Gm6                           A6     D
It's lust and loneliness, but it's seldom love.
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