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Stroke 9 - Do It Again - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Stroke 9 - Do It Again - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Do It Again
Stroke 9
This is my first tab... I couldn't find it anywhere, so I figured it out myself... Enjoy

Play the chords like this: E:0 Cm:4 A:5 G#:4 B:7
                             0    5   5    4   7
                             1    6   6    5   8
                             2    6   7    6   9
                             2    4   7    6   9
                             0    4   5    4   7

Intro:  E  Cm  A  x2

Verse 1:
    E                     Cm
You Instantly awakened my imagination
Old fashioned infatuation
     E                     Cm
I can be anything that you want me to be
And you can have me in every position that you dreamed
   E                Cm     A
I know you've got a wild streak. You're a freak
       E             Cm               A
You're alone in your bed with graphic images in your head

       E         Cm      A
Let me do what I want to do with you
       E       Cm            A
Let me tie you down pick you up and flip you all around
       E            Cm
Let me tell you how sexy you are
As I'm going down on you in the car
   E            Cm            A
If feeling this good is a sin
Let's do it all over again.


Verse 2: use the E Cm A chord progressoin through here

Just when I thought this might get boring
Wake me up in the morning by pouring
Honey on my body and licking it off
You're taking me to concerts and you're taking off your top
I know you've got a wild streak
You're a freak
Then you're back in our room with the bride and the groom


This is it
This is great
This is what I always wanted
Where do we go from here?
That's the question of the year  I think you're fine
I think you're hot
This is what I always dreamed of
The one thing I forgot
Was to get to know you

(Verse 1)

Hope you enjoy... this is the ONLY TAB ON THIS SONG... it makes me feel
special.... i guess.. PEACE
Добавлено: 24.04.2012
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