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Stormlord - A Descent Into The Kingdom Of The Shades - текст песни, видео

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Stormlord - A Descent Into The Kingdom Of The Shades - текст песни, видео

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The wind was whipping my face

glory is what I craved

As I proudly rode unaware, 

that soon I'd meet my fate.

Onwards we marched.

When the light of day light up

the field we were drawn up

ready to attack

the armies met with a deafening clang

yelling their battle

cries up to the sky

The Oracle "Most of man will fall

decimated by barbarian blades

hades waits, women mourn

'cause by twilight they'll be gone

to the Kingdom Of The Shades"

May Mars be by our side

a vang of brutal pain, I feel onto my knees

the steel as cold as ice cruelty bit my flesh

and I passed through...

I stand in dark, shadows crowd the bank

of the river styx

Hesr them moan

Slowly I approach the waters dark and thick

a boat is getting near 

for my last voyage

Burning eyes of fire, ancient bones

boatman of Hades sails to the bank, 

the time has come take me away

[Charon:] "You know the price, pay me and

I'll take you to the other side

the silver coin I keep in my mouth

is what I owe you.

[Charon:] Get aboard. 

I'm leaving light behind

Hopeless eternity is now calling me.

Once with honour I fought, fear I knew not, 

butchered my enenies lied, 

cities fell at my feet, forever gone

(are those days of glory)

[The Shades:]

"As we touch the ground Cerberus snarls guarding

this grim place. Hades welcomes us all with a 

sombre, warm embrace to the Kingdom Of The Shades"
Добавлено: 06.03.2012
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