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Stonewall Jackson - Black Sheep - аккорды и текст, видео

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Stonewall Jackson - Black Sheep - аккорды и текст, видео

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Black Sheep
Stonewall Jackson
C                               F        C
In a little country village not very far away

                                      D7               G7
There lived a rich but aged man whose hair was turning gray

C                                      F                 C
He had three sons three only ones both Jack and Tom were sly

    F              C           G7                  C
But Ted was honest as could be he would not tell a lie

                               F                    C
The brothers tried to ruin Ted before the old man's eyes

                                     D7              G7
At last the plot begin its work till Ted was much despised

C                                   F                C
The father then said be gone you're heartless to the core

     F                 C                    G7                  C
Then the black sheep's words they came just ringing through the door

                                 F                  C
Don't be angry with me dad don't drive me from your door

                                  D7            G7
I know that I've been wayward but I won't be anymore

C                                F             C
Just give me one more chance and put me to the test

       F                    C             G7                  C
You'll find the black sheep loves his dad far better than the rest

                                 F                        C
Year by year sped quickly by the father who had now grown old

                                        D7                G7
He called to them both Jack and Tom and gave them all his gold

C                           F                 C
I only need a little room a place at your fireside

    F                 C            G7                    C
One night on Jack's returning home he brought with him a bride

                                   F                  C
The three began to hate the father more and more each day

                                       D7                    G7
At last he heard the three declare why the old fool's in our way

C                                   F                  C
They then agreed to send him to the poorhouse that was near

     F                C                        G7             C
Then like a flash the black sheep's words came ringing in his ear

                                 F                C
A wagon drives up to the door it is the poorhouse band

                                  D7                  G7
The brothers pointed to their dad right there is your man

C                               F                   C
Then a manly form appeared came rushing through the crowd

     F                   C              G7           C
Stop this you brutes the lad replied it shall not be allowed

                                       F                 C
You've took the old man's property and all that he could save

                                D7                  G7
You've even sold the little lot containing mother's grave

C                             F                      C
I am his son but not your kin from now till judgment day

    F                  C                      G7                 C
The father clasped the black sheep's hand and they all heard him say

                             F                        C
Don't be angry with me son I know I drove you from my door

                                  D7                     G7
I know that I've been foolish lad I've repented o'er and o'er

C                                   F                  C
I should have given you my gold for you have stood the test

  F                     C                 G7              C
I found the black sheep loves his dad for better than the rest
Добавлено: 30.03.2016
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