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Sticky Fingers - Liquorlip Loaded Gun - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Sticky Fingers - Liquorlip Loaded Gun - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Liquorlip Loaded Gun
Sticky Fingers
A                  E
I wish I could disappear
                   A                          E
So you would never see me in this mess I get in
A                                     G#m
However hard I try, keep on stumbling still
          D                     E
Once in a while I'll show you who I am
Where I can

D            F#m     E
Open up the oceans, jump on in
The masters of the coastlines beckoning
Unfold my only life vest, sink or swim
Through the everlasting worlds begin

In the night I went out searching
F#m                         E
It took me three years and a girl
We was blinded by the stars that hit
F#m               E
Our gentle little world
The rocks turned into water
F#m                       E
And what was clear became a blur
We was good but the bad got worse
F#m                       E
The sinking ship began to burn
So I shook across her mountain face
F#m                       E
Cause I'm a liquorlip loaded gun
Look and talk through eyes that sting
F#m                         E
And then a stranger sung to me


[Bridge](same chords as chorus)
Standing on my haido
Tangled up in a blue
Rambling cut my front tooth
Another buster knuckle bruise
Not a shining golden airplane
Gifted full of booze
Even flying at the speed of light
Reached high enough for you
Добавлено: 01.10.2014
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