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Steve Vai - аккорды, тексты, табы, табулатуры, gtp

Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
Страна: США
Даты: 06.06.1960 - ...

Дискография [+]

Альбомы и синглы:

  • Flex-Able [1984, альбом]
  • Flex-Able Leftovers [1984, макси-сингл]
  • The Audience is listening / The Animal / Erotic Nightmares [1990, сингл]
  • Passion and Warfare [05.1990, альбом]
  • Tender Surrender [1995, сингл]
  • Alien Love Secrets [21.03.1995, макси-сингл]
  • Fire Garden [17.09.1996, альбом]
  • Bad Squad [1998, сингл]
  • Jibboom [1999, сингл]
  • The Ultra Zone [21.08.1999, альбом]
  • The Elusive Light and Sound, Volume 1 [04.06.2002, саундтрек]
  • Real Illusions: Reflections [22.02.2005, альбом]
  • Naked Tracks [2009, альбом]
  • Amirah (VaiTunes #6) [2010, сингл]
  • Burning Bush (Vaitunes #5) [2010, сингл]
  • Speed (Vaitunes #3) [2010, сингл]
  • The Moon and I (VaiTunes #2) [2010, сингл]
  • Underground Garden (Vaitunes #4) [2010, сингл]
  • Without Me (VaiTunes) [2010, сингл]
  • The Bodhi Tree (VaiTunes #7) [2011, сингл]
  • The Story of Light [14.08.2012, альбом]
  • Modern Primitive / Passion and Warfare [24.06.2016, альбом]
  • Cupid and His Lasers (VaiTunes #10) [2017, сингл]

Концертные альбомы:

  • 1983-03-18: My Father's Place, New York, NY, USA
  • Live at the Astoria London [2001]
  • Alive in an Ultra World [19.06.2001]
  • Live in London [13.07.2004]
  • Sound Theories, Volume 1: The Aching Hunger [26.06.2007]
  • Sound Theories, Volume 2: Shadows & Sparks [26.06.2007]
  • Where the Wild Things Are [29.09.2009]
  • Where the Other Wild Things Are [13.04.2010]
  • Stillness In Motion Live In L.A. [03.04.2015]


  • Passion and Warfare [сборник]
  • The Aching Hunger Bonus Show Part One [сборник]
  • The Secret Jewel Box Interview [прочее]
  • The 7th Song, Enchanting Guitar Melodies Archives Vol. 1 [07.11.2000, сборник]
  • Archives, Volume 3: Mystery Tracks [06.06.2003, сборник]
  • Archives, Volume 2: FZ Original Recordings [20.10.2003, сборник]
  • Archives, Volume 4: Various Artists [20.10.2003, сборник]
  • The Infinite Steve Vai: An Anthology [18.11.2003, сборник]
  • Original Album Classics [2008, сборник]
  • Playlist: The Very Best of Steve Vai [2010, сборник]
  • Various Mysteries Archives Vol. 3.5 [2013, сборник]
Название Материалы
10 Steve Vai Style Licks
10-hour Guitar Workout
12 24 Ballerina
7 String Demo Song
7 String Song
A Lighter Shade Of Green
Aching Hunger
Additude Song
Air Guitar Hell
Alive In An Ultra World
All About Eve
Amazing Grace
An Earth Deweler Return
An Earth Dwellers Return
Angel Food
Answers G3
Asian Sky
Attitude Song Live
Babushka Romania
Bad Horsie
Ballerina 12 2
Ballerina 12 24
Beethovens 5th
Big Trouble
Bill And Ted Final
Black Forest Germany
Bledsoe Bluvd
Bledsoe Blvd.
Blood And Glory
Blood And Glory Song For England
Blue Powder
Boston Rain
Boston Rain Melody
Boy Girl Song
Brandos Costumes Gentle Ways
Building The Church
Bull Whip
Bump And Grind
Burnin Down The Mountain
Burning Rain Japan
Burning Rain Song For Japan
Butlers Bag
Call It Sleep
Carvin Legacy
Celluloid Heroes
Christmas Time Is Here
Creamsicle Sunset
Crossroads Duel
Crossroads Eugenes Trick Bag
Crossroads Suite
Crossroads Suite Live In Seoul Korea
Crying Machine
Crying Machine Live
Damn Good
Damn You
Daves Party Piece
Daves Party Piece Live
Details At Ten
Die To Live
Dirty Black Hole
Dont Sweat It
Down Deep Into The Pain
Drive The Hell Out Of Here
Duel From Crossroads
Dyin Day
Dying For Your Love
Elephant Gun
Erotic Nightmare
Erotic Nightmares
Eugenes Trick Bag
Evil Eye
Fever Dream
Final Guitar
Find The Meat
Fire Garden Suite
For The Love Of God
For The Love Of God Live
Freak Show Excess
Fried Chicken
G3 1996
Gentle Ways
Get The Hell Out Of Here
Get The Hell Outta Here
Giant balls of fire
Giant Balls Of Gold
Giant Balls Of Gold Song For Poland

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