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Steve Earle - Ft. Worth Blues - аккорды и текст, видео

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Steve Earle - Ft. Worth Blues - аккорды и текст, видео

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Авторы музыки: Steve Earle
Авторы текста: Steve Earle
Ft. Worth Blues
Steve Earle
Capo 5

This sounds best picked Travis style, alternating bass string b/w 6 and 4, and don't play the first string.
You can watch Steve Earle play it on the Austin City Limits Townes Van Zandt Tribute.

   G                 G6sus4         G
In Ft. Worth all the neon's burnin' bright
       Am6/F#         G
Pretty lights red and blue
           G                 G6sus4          G 
But they'd shut down all the honky tonks tonight
                    Am6/F#            G
And say a prayer or two if they only knew

    G               G6sus4              G
You used to say the highway was your home
            Am6/F#           G
But we both know that ain't true
      G            G6sus4          G
It's just the only place a man can go
               Am6/F#                   G
When he don't know where he's travelin' to

    G6sus4     Am6/F#           G
But Colorado's always clean and healin'
    G6sus4       Am6/F#              G
And Tennessee in spring is green and cool
   G            G6sus4           G
It never really was your kind of town
              Am6/F#                   G
But you went around with the Ft. Worth Blues

G              G6sus4           G
Somewhere up beyond the great divide
                 Am6/F#                  G
Where the sky is wide and the clouds are few
  G                G6sus4           G
A man can see his way clear to the light
             Am6/F#                       G
Just hold on tight, that's all you gotta do

    G6sus4         Am6/F#            G
And they say Texas weather's always changin'
    G6sus4              Am6/F#              G
And one thing change'll bring is somethin' new
    G              G6sus4            G
And Houston really ain't that bad a town
              Am6/F#                   G
So you hang around with the Ft. Worth Blues

G   G6sus4  G, Am6/F#  G
G   G6sus4  G, Am6/F#  G
G6sus4  Am6/F#  G

           G             G6sus4          G
There's a full moon over Galway Bay tonight
       Am6/F#                  G
Silver light over green and blue
    G             G6sus4             G
And every place I travel through, I find
            Am6/F#                   G
Some kinda sign that you've been through

    G6sus4        Am6/F#          G
But Amsterdam was always good for grieving
    G6sus4        Am6/F#            G
And London never fails to leave me blue
    G           G6sus4         G
And Paris never was my kinda town
             Am6/F#                   G
So I walked around with the Ft. Worth Blues

e X
B 0
G 0
D 0
A 2
E 3

e X
B 1
G 0
D 2
A 0
E 3

e X
B 1
G 2
D 0
A 0
E 2

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