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Steve Camp - Forgive Me Forgive You - аккорды и текст, видео

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Steve Camp - Forgive Me Forgive You - аккорды и текст, видео

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Forgive Me Forgive You
Steve Camp
		   Forgive Me, Forgive You
Steve Camp

		        Fmaj9  Em7
I don't know if I can forget
	 C		     G/D Gsus  D/F#  G
All the pain that you caused me
		       F7M       Em7
How do I deal with this bitterness
      C		 D   Dsus A/C# D
That lies deep inside of me
		  Bm7	       C
To turn the other cheek is so hard
		Bm7	         C
When the other cheek is already bruised
	      G/D        B7/D#
I want to be whole again
		      Em G/D G/B C
I'm tired of feeling used


C ->    G    D	     Em
Forgive me, forgive you
C	    G/D	         D		  Em
Forgive the hurt that we put each other through
   C       -> 	      G    D	       Em
I know the Lord will heal the deepest wound
Em/D     Am/C G/B Am7      C/D	        G  Gsus  D/F#  G
But He begins with forgive me, forgive you

Love must be tender, love must be strong
Just to make it through the storm
We can't trust in our feelings
We must stand in the Lord

For love is a choice that we make
A vow of our will forever to stay
I'm tired of hurting you
G I humbly come to you


Eb9	     Bb7M  
When I want to run away
	         C/G			G
And find someone else just to ease the pain
Eb9			    Bb7M  
Then I realize what we could have
And what we could lose
		       D/F#  D/E  E
I come running back to you

      	  D/E	       F#m   F#m/E
...forgive me, forgive you
     Bm/D A/C#
He begins with
Bm7	D/E	     A
Forgive me, forgive you
 D/A E/G# F#m   Asus/D G/6  A
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Steve Camp/Kim Maxfield-Camp
© 1990 Birdwing Music (ASCAP) 
Добавлено: 27.10.2013
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