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Steffany Gretzinger - Getting There - аккорды и текст, видео

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Steffany Gretzinger - Getting There - аккорды и текст, видео

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Getting There
Steffany Gretzinger

Verse 1: 

Dm                F
Further seems forever
              Bb                   C
Until you've seen, until you get there
            Dm               C               Bb
Until you feel the promise land beneath your feet

Dm                               F
But there's a reason for the journey 
           F/A                 Bb
There is purpose in the learning
                Dm        C                Bb
That not everything in life comes naturally 

No, not everything in life comes easily

       Dm       F 
We're getting there
         Bm            C 
We're determined to discover 
          Dm                 F 
All that You have hidden for us 
  Bb       C
Along the way

        Dm      F 
We're getting there
           Bb               C 
And Your presence is the promise 
          Dm                   F 
There is nothing that can stop us 
      Bb      C 
We're on our way

Verse 2: 
       Dm                 F
We've tasted of Your goodness
    Bb                   C
We know that You are for us
        Dm        C                      Bb
We can hear the sound of Heaven cheer us on

      Dm                 F 
Every day begins with mercy 
       Bb                   C
Every moment filled with beauty 
        Dm                   C 
Knowing You have gone before us 
We press on
Knowing You believe in us 
With confidence we run

        Dm      F       Bb           C 
We will see You in the land of the living
         Dm      C       Bb    Gm 
We will find You in the mystery
      Dm      F      Bb             C 
Your presence is the joy set before us
    Dm       C        Bb
For now and all eternity

Dm              F              Bb
We won't stop running, running
We won't stop running after You
Добавлено: 31.05.2015
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