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Steam Powered Giraffe - Gg The Giraffe - аккорды и текст, видео

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Steam Powered Giraffe - Gg The Giraffe - аккорды и текст, видео

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Gg The Giraffe
Steam Powered Giraffe
Capo on 1st fret

The kazoo solo in the middle of the song can easily become a guitar solo if you just play the 
chords of the chorus as usual!

      C                  G
Well who's that walking down the street?
     Am                 Em
Hey cats, well I don't know

           F                  C
But she's got that look that says

                 F                G
she knows just where she wants to go

 C               G
Even Hatchy's Fancy Shoes

         Am                     Em
can't compare to the way she grooves

         F              C
She's shiner than The Spine

                     F                G
and Rabbit ain't got nothing on her moves

 Am          Em                  C     Am
Who's that robot giraffe that's oh so cute

     Am                 Em                    C         Am
The one that's super charismatic and, uh, beautiful to boot

Should I tell them?

          C        G
Well, I'm GG the Giraffe

       Am                  Em
and everybody loves me, everybody loves

F          C

F          G

      C         G
She's GG the Giraffe

        Am                   Em
and everybody loves her, everybody loves

F                C

F                G

Am   Em          C      Am
I am so freaking   adorable

Am                   Em                   C                 Am
You should send me gifts because if you don't, that'd be horrible

              C              G
I want a Lamborghini and a bucket of kittens

    Am                            Em
I don't have thumbs, but I could use some mittens

    F           C
covered in gemstones

                 F                   G
and maybe some super-expensive headphones

                     Am             Em
The kind with the super-deep bass sound

           F                        G
So I can jam out to the max around town

I actually don't get to leave the house much, but--



(kazoo solo)

Am      Em                   C          Am
I have lots of friends all across the world

Am                       Em                  C                 Am
They just haven't ever called, or even ever met this lonesome girl

                 C                     G
But I have a gazillion followers on the social streams

     Am                           Em
I haven't met them all, but I'm sure that they love me

   F               C
because I am so genuine

                  F                           G
Oh and I just remembered I always wanted a penguin

              Am                       Em
You know the kind that wear fancy bow ties

                 F                                                 G
and serve you dinner just like they do for Mary Poppins and that Dick Van Dyke guy

    Am                            Em
I guess it would also be kind of neat

           F                                G
if that penguin could keep a beat with his     happy feet

     Am                     Em
So send one straight to my door

                  F                     G
I'm sure they've got one down at your local penguin store

     Am                            Em
and make sure you send along some ice

            F                        G
because I think they need that to survive...

                                Am                                         Em
'Kay, instead just ship the Lamborghini with the penguin in the passenger seat

                 F                                     G
and leave the engine running with the air conditioner on for the penguin and the
headphones and mittens in the back seat


          C         G            Am
I'm GG the Giraffe and everybody loves me,

     F           C
Everybody loves me!
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