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Status Quo - Cupid Stupid - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Status Quo - Cupid Stupid - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Cupid Stupid
Status Quo
Cupid Stupid
Status Quo
TPAOY 2005

I quite like this one.  Typical Quo.

|A| |A| |A| |A D7| |D7| |D7 A| |A|

you've got so many secrets and tell so many lies

you think you're cupid stupid your body never cries
you don't do anything not at all

you just want everything you want it all
you're hanging out your window feeling bad inside
you never think it matters anytime at all

i'm going undercover everytime you call
you never stop to think now you take me for a ride
and so it's stupid cupid you're really gonna slide

now when the battles over the war just carries on
but if it hadn't started it couldn't come undone
don't say anything not a word
would be the sweetest thing i ever heard
i don't know how to break it it isn't very clear
so am i going crazy or is it just a dream
waiting at the station running out of steam
i'm trying hard to tell you you never wanna hear
and so it's stupid cupid i whisper in your ear

D                 A
why why why don't i
D                 A D
fly fly fly goodbye

and now it's nearly over i'm thinking very clear
i'm gonna run for cover but you don't wanna hear
whats been going on you and me
maybe it never was meant to be
now i'm looking forward never turning back
when i think about it i bet you're still the same
never gonna change you d'you reckon it's a game
you think that life's a movie a picture on the wall
and so it's stupid cupid and nothing much to call

why why why don't i
fly fly fly goodbye

Hope you like it!  It's 100% correct. 
Добавлено: 18.08.2013
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