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Stars - My Favourite Book - аккорды и текст, таба, бас-таба, видео

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Stars - My Favourite Book - аккорды и текст, таба, бас-таба, видео

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My Favourite Book
My first. Hope it's good.

Stars - My Favourite Book

Verse 1:
Ab               Eb                C#                    Fm
I was always late, you never afraid, that we could be falling
Ab                       Eb                    C#                            Fm
All our friends would say, maybe we should wait, but they can't see what's coming
Ab             Eb               C#       Fm
And to this day, when everything breaks, you are the anchor that holds me

Ebm7        Bbm7                              C#
        And that is why we'll always make it
                    Ab                     Ebm7           Bbm7
How I know your face, all the ways you move, you come in, I can read you
You're my favourite book
                      Ab                           Ebm7
All the things you say, the way you shift your eyes
              Bbm7                                    C#
I never knew there was someone, to make me come alive

Verse 2: (Same Chords)
When the days are long, and the thunder with the storm, can always get me crying
You can make my bed, I'll fall into it, shattered but not lonely
Because I never knew a home, until I found your hands, when I'm weathered
You come to me, you're my best friend


Bbm  Ab   F#   2x

Bbm Ab                F#
      And when we're making love
Bbm     Ab                F#   
    I'd give up everything up for your touch

[SOLO: Play Same Chords As Chorus Twice]

[CHORUS: Skip first line and come in with "How I know you face..."]

[Repeat 'Our Little Place' and then ending...]

Last Three Chords:
Ebm  Ebm   Bbm  C#
Добавлено: 09.07.2012
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