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Stanfour - Take Me Or Leave Me - аккорды и текст, видео

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Stanfour - Take Me Or Leave Me - аккорды и текст, видео

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Take Me Or Leave Me
Take me or leave me - Stanfour
(Chords and lyrics heard out by L.A. - have fun!)
Intro: Abm - Bb - F# - E - F#

Verse I:
Abm                 Bb                          F#
	I'm still not breaking - it's getting' so cold
                 E      F#    Abm 
	Waiting for reasons to unfold

Abm                   Bb                   F#      
	The world is so jading - steeling my view
                     E      F#     Bb
	but I just can't go on chasing you

                   Abm                   Ebm
	Words without faith - hearts without love
                       F#            Bb           
	The tears on your face just pay off

                     Abm                        Ebm
	Times they are changing - not everything's gold
                 F#                            Bb
	Take me or leave me 'cause I can't let it go
Bb - Abm - Ebm -
F#  -  Abm
Verse II:
                   Bb                      F#
	Something is fading - you're pullin' away
                 E     F#    Abm
	Are we too soon am I too late
                      Bb                         F#
	I can't stay here - 'cause you're already gone
                E          F#     Bb
	Wish that I knew where we belong

Chorus: (the same as before)

Bb            Ebm                         Abm
	As all my illusions they crash to the ground
                 E                     F#     Bb
	Something inside me keeps holdin' on somehow
                    Ebm                        Abm
	I'm still a believer - love worth fightin' for

                   E                    E
	I don't wanna say goodbye - I want more yes I
        (F#)    Bb
 	want more

Chorus: (same as before, but less instruments)
End play: Bb - (F#) - Bb

(Note: I didn't have the lyrics - it's like I heard it…
	  with the cords it's as like that…
	  If there are some mistakes I'm sorry for that)
Добавлено: 14.04.2012
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