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Squarepusher - Iambic poetry - таба, видео

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Squarepusher - Iambic poetry - таба, видео

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If this has come out all fucked up and off line then it becase I copied it from
another page i posted it on, so copy it to a notepad document or something like
that if you want to see it properly I cant be arsed to chance it now, its past
1am and im watching tv

This is the first tab I have put on the internet, I usualy don't bother but I
tabbed this out for someone else just now so I thought I may as well copy and
paste it here for you.
Usualy internet tab is bull and is not worth your time, so below the tab I will
leave some tips that I find usefull when I'm trying to learn something.

H = harmonics
Use your thumb for the route notes when there are three notes to play at the
same time.



- Try to be figuring stuff out as much as possible dont come to the internet to
find tab, its usualy bullshit.

- Be persistent and have pay atention to detail, dont half guess it and then go
off telling people you know how to play the song and start tabbing it out on the
internet to have other people learn it wrong too

- Once you have a rough idea of a song, play it along with the original recoding,
listening out for differences and clashes in what you are playing and what the
original artist is playing until you have ironed out all the diferences

- Have standards, dont do a half arsed job of it. Practice every day and be original.

Matt Mitchell,

Добавлено: 09.08.2013
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